How to use a storage heater

How They Work

Most storage heaters are wall-mounted and look a bit like radiators. They work by drawing electricity over the course of a few hours at night (normally between midnight and 7am during the winter months and between 1am and 5am during the summer, although this can vary) and storing it as heat in a 'bank' of clay or ceramic bricks to use the following day.

The advantage is that they can consume electricity at night, when it is cheaper, and give out their heat many hours later. As a consequence they work best if the household is on an Economy 7 tariff.

Avoid using supplementary plug-in heaters or the convector button (found on some storage heaters). It is better to turn up the input on your storage heater and store more heat. Understanding how to operate your storage heaters as effectively as possible will help you to stay warm enough and not waste energy.

For further information about the controls and settings on your storage heaters please see this PDF document.

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