Everyone is entitled to enjoy their home and neighbourhood in reasonable peace and quiet and, by showing consideration for others, you can make sure that you have a good relationship with your neighbours.

Although noise is the most common form of nuisance, car repairs, DIY, badly controlled pets, bonfires and rubbish, can also cause a nuisance if you are not considerate to your neighbours.

Any complaints made that are specifically about noise nuisance will normally be dealt with by the Council's Environmental Health officers, based at the Council Offices in Clacton-on-Sea and they can be contacted by telephoning 01255 686767.

If your neighbours are causing you a nuisance:

In most cases, a Tenancy Management Officer will initially talk or write to your neighbour about the nuisance they are causing. If the problem continues, you will be asked to keep a witness diary detailing the times and dates that the nuisance occurred. These forms may be used as evidence if court action is taken at a later date. If we do take court action against the person responsible for causing the nuisance, we would need you to attend court as a witness and you may be required to give evidence.

Tenancy Management Officer's areas of responsibility.


Mediation is a voluntary process in which a skilled and impartial third party helps people in dispute, such as neighbours, to reach an acceptable agreement. This may be through indirect mediation where contact is made initially with each party separately or direct mediation where a meeting is arranged between those in dispute to draw up a joint action plan.

The Mediation process

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