Planned Works

As well as carrying out day-to-day repairs, we have an ongoing programme where we plan maintenance and improvement work in advance for groups of properties.

Planned Maintenance Leaflet

This is known as our planned programme and includes work such as:

  • installing central heating;
  • installing double glazing;
  • kitchen improvements;
  • rewiring;
  • re-roofing;
  • annual service of gas heating appliances;
  • installing and maintaining smoke alarms;
  • major structural repairs.

Each year we consult with members of our Tenants Panel who agree the improvements that we put forward for inclusion in future programmes.

We are committed to improving the condition of our properties, but we have limited money and need to give high priority to some work, so it is inevitable that some homes will benefit from improvements before others.

Once the work is finished, we send a customer satisfaction survey to each property included in any contract so that you can tell us what you think of the work.

Disturbance during major works

In some circumstances, we may need to carry out major structural repairs to your home that cannot be carried out with you living there or we may have to demolish a nearby property which may pose a risk to you. If this is the case, we will find suitable alternative temporary accommodation for you, provide you with advice and support and we will be able to help you with the cost of this move. However, it will be your responsibility to arrange for meter readings to be taken and for arranging the disconnection of gas and / or electricity supplies.

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