Condensation is simply water vapour in the air condensing (or changing into) water on windows, walls, floors even clothing or cupboards. There is always some moisture in the air, even if you cannot see it. If the air gets colder, it cannot hold all of the moisture and tiny drops of water appear. This is condensation.

What causes condensation?

Condensation can occur because your home is too cold. Condensation can also occur because your home is poorly ventilated, maybe when you shut all the windows and vents, or don't use extractor fans. Condensation can also happen when your home is too wet. Maybe you dry your clothes on radiators, or use a tumble dryer without a vent to the outside, or use portable gas heaters.

Condensation and Mould Growth

There are several things that you can do if you have a problem with condensation in your property.

  • Leave the heating on during cold weather.
  • Wipe down windows, sills and frames where condensation occurs, but do not leave the cloth on a radiator to dry.
  • When taking a bath or shower keep the doors shut and the windows open slightly to avoid moisture spreading through the house.
  • Wherever possible dry clothes outdoors, not on radiators and if you have a tumble dryer make sure that is is vented to outside the property so that the moist air does not build up in your home.
  • Avoid using portable gas or oil heaters as they produce very large amounts of moisture.
  • Try to move furniture so that the area behind your wardrobes and cupboards is well ventilated and is preferably against an internal wall and try not to overfill them as this prevents air circulation.

You can usually identify dampness as an area of brown staining on walls. Staining on the lower walls may indicate rising damp, which occurs where the damp proof course is defective or is covered by a pathway or garden. Leaking plumbing or broken pipes can also cause dampness. If you think you have dampness please contact us on 01255 686477 or by email and a surveyor will call to investigate.

Watch our video below with advice about condensation.

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