How to guard against frost

At the beginning of a cold spell:

  • Keep the property warm at all times
  • Let the warm air circulate
  • Make sure you know where the main control tap or stop valve is and how to turn it off (if it does not work properly, ask us to repair it).

If you leave your home empty when the weather may turn cold and there is a danger of hard frost, you should protect your home against water damage from burst pipes.

When you return home:

  • Turn the stop valve on again and make sure enough water comes out of your taps. This is to check that there is no air in your pipes.
  • If you have switched on your central heating, but the radiators are not getting hot, turn the system off and tell us. First check the timer is working and the pilot light is lit.

If you have any problems doing this, please contact us on 01255 686477.

What to do if you get a frozen pipe:

  • Turn off the water immediately at the stop valve.
  • Switch off any immersion heater.
  • Turn of all taps.
  • Contact us on 01255 686477.
  • Do not try to thaw frozen pipes with a naked flame.

What to do if you have a burst pipe:

  • Turn off the water immediately at the stop valve.
  • Turn on all the taps to drain the water from the system as quickly as possible, to stop it flooding your home.
  • Find out where the water is coming from.
  • Put a container underneath to catch any leaks.
  • Contact us for advice before you turn the water back on.

If there is any water coming through light fittings or ceiling roses, do not turn on the light and contact us immediately.

Watch our video below with advice about frozen pipes.

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