Tenants Panel

Members of our district-wide Tenants' Panel aim to represent and promote tenant opinion and make sure it becomes central to delivery of all housing services. They meet on a regular basis and provide direction on housing policy, management and maintenance and they act as both a consultative and decision-making body. Visit our Tenants' Panel page to find out more.

Tenants Panel Elected Representatives

The Tenants' Panel also have a number of members who have been elected to have detailed involvement in specific areas of our service, for example developing and monitoring our anti social behaviour strategy.

Sheltered Housing Panel

Members of our sheltered housing panel meet with us regularly to discuss issues & agree policies relating specifically to this type of accommodation. If you would be interested in joining the sheltered housing panel and are currently living in sheltered housing please contact your scheme support officer (SSO)

Improvement Panels

In areas not represented by a residents association, residents have the opportunity to form an Improvement Panel to work with us and our contractors in designing and implementing any planned environmental improvement schemes.

Residents Associations

A residents' association is a group of people who live in the same area who get together to voice their opinion collectively. These can take the form of an informal group of people who meet occasionally, or they can be organised on a more formal basis, meeting regularly, with an agreed constitution and elected representatives. Similarly, how much any group gets involved in the management of its homes can vary from simply receiving information about housing services and policies to taking an active part in the decision-making process. How to run a residents' association is a guide we provide for groups considering setting up an association.

How to run a Residents Association guide.

Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs)

TMOs were introduced to provide a much more involved form of participation, where the management of council homes can be delegated to tenant-led associations. A TMO is an independent, legally recognised organisation set up by tenants to manage their estate. This means that the tenants still have the rights and security of being council tenants but they make all the day-to-day decisions about the management of their homes.

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