Shared Areas

Door entry systems

These are fitted on communal entrance doors to make the block more secure for you and your neighbours.

For this reason please:

  • do not prop open the front door
  • do not let anyone you don't know into the block
  • make sure the door is closed properly behind you
  • report any fault with the entrance door on-line, to Housing Maintenance on 01255 686477 or email

Rubbish collection

Our contractors will collect household rubbish from your block on the same day each week. You can find out when this is by going to our rubbish and recycling page.

If your block has a rubbish chute in it, we would ask you:

  • not to use this early in the morning or late at night as the noise may disturb your neighbours
  • not to block the chute with large or bulky items
  • never to drop lit cigarettes or matches into the chute
  • to keep surrounding areas clean and free of rubbish

Graffiti or vandalism

If graffiti is a problem in your area, please contact our Estates Management section either by email on or telephone(01255) 686488. They will arrange for offensive or racial graffiti to be removed in 2 working days or within 28 working days for other graffiti.

If you have seen any vandalism on any of our housing estates please report it initially to the local police and then to the estates officer for your area on (01255) 686488.


If your property has the use of either an individual or shared parking area, we would ask you to:

  • always park carefully and considerately when using this area
  • minimise noise and light levels when parking late at night or early in the morning
  • not park any caravan, boat, trailer, heavy goods vehicle, or other commercial vehicle without our written permission
  • not carry out, or allow to be carried out, any vehicle repairs that may cause a nuisance to others or be detrimental to the condition and environment of the locality
  • not park any unroadworthy, untaxed or uninsured vehicle without getting our written permission first. Please note that this will only be granted in special circumstances for temporary periods only
  • not park in your garden unless you have our permission to do so and have a proper hardstanding and dropped kerb to provide access

You should not park any vehicle on land that is not designed for parking purposes. Please note that parking restrictions apply at three Council Housing sites within the district:

Bendalls Court, Manningtree

Churchill Court, Parkeston Road, Dovercourt

School Court, Waddesdon Road, Dovercourt

The car parking bays at these locations are reserved for permit holders only (one per household). If you live at one of these locations and wish to discuss applying for a permit, please contact Tenancy Management on 01255 686488.    

Shared areas

Shared hallways, entrances, gardens and drying areas are provided for all residents within a particular block to use. For this reason, it is important that you:

  • keep landings, staircases and other areas in a clean and tidy condition
  • do not put any items in these areas that are likely to cause an obstruction, safety hazard or increase the risk of fire
  • do not put up any fences, sheds or other similar items within shared areas

Tenancy Management areas of responsibility

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