Jaywick Sands Homes

Jaywick Sands Boathouse Halt Homes

A landmark development of ten new homes in Jaywick Sands has been completed. Five of the new homes in Lotus Way will be council housing, while the other five houses are sold.

TDC has adopted a Local Lettings and Sales Policy for the homes which you are able to read below, meaning priority for the council housing will be given to people from the local area. Meanwhile the properties for sale will be prioritised for local key workers.

Jaywick Sands Local Lettings and Sales Policy

The homes for sale will go on the market for £200,000 after being independently valued and a 20% discount applied.TDC has also committed, through its Housing Strategy, to building 100 further homes in Jaywick Sands.

If you are interested in being considered for one of the Jaywick Sands Homes , please fill in the below eligibility form.

Online Form

Photos and Videos of the project

Jaywick Homes with Councillor Paul Honeywood              Jaywick Sands Homes


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