Home ownership

The right to buy (secure tenants only)

You have the Right to Buy when you have spent at least three years as a public sector tenant although there are some exceptions to this. For further details, please see the Right to Buy guide from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

If you are eligible for the right to buy, you will be entitled to a discount based upon how long you have been a public sector tenant, and whether you are purchasing a house or a flat.

For further information about buying your flat, please see the Department of Communities and Local Government leaflet called "Thinking of buying your council flat". You can also see the long leaseholders pages.

If you would like to apply, see the Right to Buy from the www.gov.uk Website and fill out both the below forms.

Right to Buy 1 Form

Financial Information Form

Cash incentive scheme (secure tenants only)

This scheme, which is also sometimes called the Home Move Purchase Grant, gives you a lump sum towards buying a property in the private sector when you are releasing your Tendring District Council property so that we can then rent it to a family in need.

For more information, please see our cash incentive scheme guidance form.

Cash incentive scheme form.

Long Leaseholders

If you have bought a council flat or have a long term lease agreement with us, our long leaseholder pages give useful information on issues such as your service charges, planned works etc as well as your leaseholder's handbook.

For those of you living or renting in the private sector, please see our private sector housing pages for advice on various issues such as:

  • grants available;
  • information for tenants and landlords in the private sector including illegal eviction;
  • energy efficiency; and
  • empty homes.

For further information about Government schemes Help to Buy, Shared Ownership & Equity Loans please follow this link.

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