Sex Establishments

Please note that the Licensing Office is open for pre-arranged appointments only. Documents can be posted or emailed to the Licensing Office.

Any premises within the Tendring District selling or supplying goods of an adult nature may be required to be licensed by this Council.  All applications for this type of licence are submitted for approval by the Council's Licensing [General Purposes] Sub-Committee and the applicant(s) will  be required to attend a Sub-Committee meeting to speak in support of the application.

It will be expected that the necessary planning consents, etc. will already be in place to permit the premises to be used for the purpose and for the hours sought.  Each application will be dealt with on its own merits and the Sub-Committee will attach such conditions as it thinks appropriate for the premises.

If you would like to apply for a Sex Establishment Licence you can apply online,

Apply Online (via the website)

or download the relevant information and forms by clicking on the links below.

Guidance Notes

Sex Establishment application form

SS1 - Sex Shop

SS2 - Sex Shop

The fees are reviewed on an annual basis and the current fees are:

Grant - £1058.00

Renewal - £1058.00

Transfer - £403.00

Applications are usually dealt with within 90 days of receipt of a full application.  In very exceptional circumstances the deadline may be required to be extended, you will be notified of the new deadline and the reason for extending it.

Immigration, Asylum & Nationality Act 2006

To comply with the Immigration, Asylum & Nationality Act 2006 this Council is required to check your eligibility to live and work in the UK.  You will be required to confirm that you are able to live and work in the UK and that on request, you will be able to provide evidence of this.

Will Tacit Consent Apply?

No. It is in the public interest that the authority must process your application before it can be granted.

Licensing Office
Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton on Sea, Essex, CO15 1SE


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