Asked To Leave By Family Or Friends

Current advice to people staying with friends and family

We are under great pressure to ensure that we offer support to our most vulnerable in society with accommodation.  We need your support with this and we expect you to remain staying with your friends and family, where at all possible.   We will still be able to offer you advice about moving on whilst you temporarily remain living with friends or family.

Where you are part of a household that is self-isolating, we expect everybody to follow Government guidance and to remain together for at least 14 days.

How can we help

Living with other people can be difficult and this can often result in people being asked to leave home. Finding alternative accommodation can take time, so it is important to try and do this in a planned way.   If you are asked to leave your home, we may be able to help negotiation with your parents or friends to prevent you from becoming homeless. 

If you are 16 or 17 years old, and you are having difficulties at home, Social Care may be able to offer you and your family support.   If you approach the council as homeless at 16 or 17 we will make a referral to Social Care so a joint assessment can be carried out.   Social Care will then work with you and your family to try to resolve your homeless situation. 

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness, the council will be able to offer you an appointment for a full assessment of your circumstances please click here to complete our self-referral form on our homelessness advice page.

Last updated on: 10/06/2021 - 09:59