UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF)

Tendring District Council has been allocated £1,188,232 via the Government Shared Prosperity Fund, to be spent over financial years 2022/23, 2023/24, and 2024/25.

The aim of the fund is to allow local authorities to work alongside partner organisations to deliver projects which build pride in place, support high quality skills training, increase pay, employment and productivity growth, and improve life chances.

Applications for the third year of the fund opened on 15 April 2024, with a comprehensive list of offerings detailed below:

Open calls and grants for 2024/25 UKSPF have now closed. Open calls included:

  • Open Call for projects enhancing the existing cultural, historic & heritage institutions offer (E4)
  • Measures to reduce the cost of living, improve energy efficiency & combat fuel poverty (E13)
  • Open Call for projects which stimulate the visitor economy (E17)
  • Open Call for town centre animation projects (E16)
  • Open Call for skills projects including basic, life, and career skills, and financial support (E34)
  • Open Call for projects to support employed people to address barriers to education/training (E37)
  • Open Call for projects to support green skills courses within Tendring (E39)

We will also be relaunching, via the UKSPF, the following popular grant schemes:

  • 'Extend the Season' Events Grants, for towns and villages, of up to £1,000 - No deadline, closes when funds have gone (E16)
  • Sports & Leisure Widening Participation Grants of up to £1,000 - CLOSED (E10)
  • NEW for 2024/25, Shopfront Improvement Grants, of up to £5,000 - No deadline, closes when funds have gone (E1). Please note that the launch of the Shopfront Grants scheme has been paused whilst the Council is in pre-election period. We aim to update this page with more information on this Scheme, and its criteria, soon.

Forms for all of the above can be found on this page and if you have questions regarding your application, please email  

To access the allocation, TDC was required to produce an Investment Proposal for Government signoff, proposing spend against a number of government suggested interventions.

The initial investment plan submission can be viewed here

Government guidance on the UK Shared Prosperity Fund can be viewed here: UK Shared Prosperity Fund: prospectus - GOV.UK (

View the relevant privacy notice.

UK Shared Prosperity Find Extend The Season Events Grants

Shared Prosperity Fund Project Proposals for People & Skills Interventions E34

Shared Prosperity Fund Project Proposals for People & Skills Interventions E37

Shared Prosperity Fund Project Proposals for People & Skills Interventions E39



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