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Tenancy fraud can take many forms and can occur at any stage during a tenancy - for example, obtaining a Council tenancy by giving false information, not living in the property or abandoning a council tenancy.

As we have a very high demand for our properties but a relatively small supply, we are committed to tackling tenancy fraud to make sure that our properties are occupied in line with the conditions of our tenancy agreement and to stop any abuse of the system.

You can report a suspected tenancy fraud by using our on-line form or by telephoning (01255) 686488. Any information that you give will be treated in the strictest confidence and you can remain anonymous if you would prefer.

Abandoned properties

Our tenancy agreements state that you must occupy your council property as your only or main home.

If we become aware or are told that a property has been abandoned we will carry out a full investigation and, if appropriate, take the necessary legal action to obtain possession of the property.

Unlawful subletting

If you are a secure tenant, you have the right to take in lodgers without asking our permission providing you do not overcrowd your home. A lodger is someone who shares your home with you and your family.

Secure tenants also have the right to sublet part of their home, providing you get our written permission first. A sub tenant is someone who has the sole right to occupy part of your home and normally lives separately from your household.

However, if you take in a lodger or sub tenant, you must continue to live in your property as your only or main home and you will be responsible for their behaviour.

If you do not have a secure tenancy, you do not have the right to take in a lodger or sub tenant.

Unlawful subletting generally describes the situation where a tenant moves out of their Council property and allows another person to use the property usually in return for the payment of rent.

We will investigate every case that we become aware of and take legal action to recover possession of the property whenever we can.

Unauthorised occupation

This is a term used to describe people who it has been identified have no legal rights to occupy a property. For example, if a mutual exchange takes place without our permission or it can be identified that money changed hands between the tenants who are exchanging. It can also occur when a tenant dies and the person remaining in the property has no legal right to remain there.

When investigating cases of illegal subletting or unauthorised occupation, it may become apparent that the person occupying the property is unaware of their status. If this is the case, we will give them support and advice in relation to their future housing options and rights.


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