Areas we maintain

Open Spaces - What areas do we maintain?

We are responsible for managing and maintaining public open spaces throughout the district. We oversee the maintenance of all open spaces this includes floral gardens, parks, recreation grounds, council housing areas, cemeteries and crematorium, and roadside verges. We also carry out maintenance such as shrub pruning, weeding and hedge cutting on our land and public areas. A planned programme of work takes place throughout the year. Twice a year over 100,000 bedding plants are planted throughout the district.

Please use the 'useful document' links in the box at the top right hand corner of this page for a detailed lists of areas we maintain.

Recreation Grounds

We maintain ten Recreation Grounds in the District. These areas include the provision of playing pitches for various sports including soccer; mini-soccer; rugby union; cricket; athletics; softball; tennis and pitch and putt golf. The grounds maintenance standards of these areas vary depending on whether the area is used as a sport pitch. Different sports require differing grounds maintenance standards, for example the maintenance of a cricket pitch is very different than that of a rugby pitch.

Cemeteries and Crematorium

We are responsible for the maintenance of the cemeteries at Clacton, Kirby, Walton and Dovercourt and the Crematorium at Weeley. This work includes grass cutting, the maintenance of shrubs and borders, grave digging, turfing and planting / tree maintenance. The grass cuttings are collected at the Crematorium but not at the Cemeteries.

We are aware that this can be a very delicate area of work which needs careful management. Staff aim to maintain high standards whilst also dealing sensitively with people who may have suffered the loss of someone close to them.

Grass cutting

What grass will the Council cut?

We cut grass on Council owned land such as:

Verges (Clacton, Holland, Jaywick, Frinton & Walton, Kirby, Harwich & Dovercourt)
Open spaces
Recreation grounds
Formal garden areas
Council owned cemeteries
Council properties communal gardens / Council owned sheltered housing

What grass doesn’t the Council cut?

We will not cut grass that is:

On privately owned land
On properties/estates owned by other bodies other than the Council

How often is the grass on Council land / verges cut?

We have a routine programme for cutting which takes place from March – November inclusive. The frequency of cutting is approx every 3 / 4 weeks depending on weather conditions. We aim to cut each area approximately 10 times per year. See our grass cutting schedule.

Why is the grass so long?

The speed that the grass grows between cuts is controlled by the weather conditions. This sometimes results in grass growing higher than normal before its next cut takes place. This is a factor that is out of our control and we please ask the public to try and be patient until we can get to your area.

Why aren’t the grass cuttings collected and taken away after the grass has been cut?

The Council does not remove grass clippings from site. We have a ‘cut and fly’ policy, this is where the grass clippings are left to naturally break down on the surface of the grass. Grass clippings will be removed from pavements and footpaths. It would be extremely time consuming and expensive to collect and remove all of the grass clippings across the district.

The only areas where grass clippings are collected and removed are in formal garden areas and some sheltered housing areas, this is called a 'cut and collect' operation.

Issues on Council Land

There is an overgrown hedge on Council land, who do I report this to?

Please contact our Open Spaces Department on 01255 686677 or email to report any problems with overgrown shrubs/hedges or trees on Council owned land such as parks/public gardens/recreation grounds.

I live in a Council property and would like to report and issue relating to my garden

If you live in a Council owned property or estate and have a problem relating to your garden please contact the Housing team on 01255 686488 or email and they will investigate.

I am concerned about the height of my neighbours hedge

See our high hedges information or alternatively contact the Planning Department on 01255 686155.

Tree information

Highway verges information

Vehicles and Plant

We operate a fleet of vans and Horticultural plant. If you have any complaints or observations regarding the operation of any vehicle or piece of equipment please contact the Transport Manager on 01255 686643.

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