Clacton 150

Clacton 150 Logo2021 is the year Clacton-on-Sea celebrates its 150th anniversary and there are many projects and celebratory events planned for later in the year to commemorate this occasion.

The Clacton Heritage Trail

The Clacton Heritage Trail celebrates Clacton-on-Sea’s 150th Birthday. The National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) using money raised through the National Lottery, have funded this new seafront heritage trail in Tendring, from Jaywick Sands to Holland Haven and incorporating Clacton town centre, to celebrate the milestone. The trail covers more than five miles of beautiful coastline and engages with local schools, elder care settings and the wider community; encouraging them to be active and promote health and wellbeing, whilst learning about the local history and enjoying what the area has to offer. It includes interactive technology to bring the history to life in a fun and engaging way to convey Clacton’s story and the town’s heritage.

Find out more on the Clacton Heritage Trail web page.

Audio Posts and Bench

Audio posts and a bench have been installed to engage the local residents and tourist into conversations about the local community. These three audio devices will form part of the Clacton Heritage Trail, to connect with the history and people memories of the area.

Find out more on the Audio Posts and Bench web page.

Clacton 150 Coat Of Arms Competition

The Clacton 150 Coat of Arms competition is a fun way of engaging with Tendring primary schools and creating a lasting legacy for Clacton's 150th Birthday. Every primary school was invited to take part and the children were asked to create an item that they felt symbolises Clacton to them but also how a Coat of Arms is relate to the community of which they represent.

View the winning designs on our Coat Of Arms Competition webpage

Street Tag

Tendring District Council has partnered with Street Tag to turn Clacton in to a virtual tag playground.

Virtual tags will be placed along popular walking routes and areas with green space from Jaywick Sands through to Holland-on-Sea, along the seafront and in Clacton town centre to encourage physical activity and in turn good mental health.

Families and other users will be encouraged to walk, run or cycle to the virtual tags and the digital monument which are placed on the Street Tag app map.

Those taking part in Street Tag collect points assigned to virtual tags, once they are within 40-metre radius of them, and steps can also be synced and converted into Street Tag points. These points add up in real time on the leader board, with prizes to be won at the end of each season.

Along the way you can experience the local heritage and history of Clacton through audio, video, pictures, and text on the augmented reality Monument Tours in the Street Tag App.

How to get involved

Install the app, create a team and join a leader board.

Earn points from physical activities indoor and outdoor walking, running, cycling to collect virtual tags + convert your steps into points.

Get Rewards/Win prizes such as sports equipment, amazon vouchers and more.

Find out more on the Street Tag web page

Octopus AHoy

Tendring District Council and NLHF are working in partnership to deliver a fun and exciting dynamic trail of octopuses around Tendring, the sculpture trail is being created and delivered on behalf of Mayflower 400, Clacton 150 and the Active Essex Local Delivery Pilot by KAT Marketing.

The sculptures are decorated by local artists and displayed across the district for 10 weeks, creating a large public art event trail for people to visit that will inspire. This will have a positive influence on people being active and motivating them to see the area. 

At the end of the 10 weeks, the majority of the sculptures will be auctioned and will benefit local Tendring youth charities.

To join in download the Octopus Ahoy app to receive rewards by scanning the octopi you find.

Download the Octopus Ahoy app or visit

Contacts and Credits

Roger Kennell, Clacton Victoria County History Group

Kenneth Walker, Clacton Historian

Norman Jacobs, Clacton and District Local History Society

Narrow Gauge Railway Society

Jaywick Local History Society

Princes Theatre

West Cliff Theatre

Thank you to;

Graham Cole, OBE and Ruthie Henshall, for taking the time to record some audio for our Listening posts and bench.

National Lottery Heritage Fund Logo

To contact the Clacton 150 project team please email:

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