Polling places consultation

Polling places consultation

Polling Review Public Notice

In 2018, we reviewed polling districts and places (these set where people go to vote on Election Days) for the Parliamentary Constituencies of Clacton and Harwich & North Essex (where it falls within the District of Tendring). We tend to follow these for Council and other elections too. Since then we have continued to assess how suitable polling districts and places are. Because we found some issues we are carrying out an interim polling districts and places review:

Harwich and North Essex Constituency

Dovercourt Tollgate

Long Meadows Community Centre, at 55 Long Meadows, Harwich, Essex CO12 4US is the designated polling place, and polling station venue for the Polling District of Dovercourt Tollgate (which has the designatory letters CR). This venue is outside of the polling district and a suitable location for a polling place within the said district has been identified as Chase Lane Primary School and Nursery, Chase Lane, Dovercourt, Harwich, Essex CO12 4NB.

Whilst any decision is for the Head Teacher and Governors of the school, the use of the premises as a polling station could mean that this school is closed on polling days. The venue is all on one level with no known problems to wheelchair access.

So, we propose to use of Chase Lane Primary School and Nursery as the polling station venue for Dovercourt Tollgate in the future.
The polling place would be the same geographical area as the polling district itself.

View the map from the 2018 polling district review that concerns Dovercourt Tollgate.  There are approximately 2,300 electors in the polling district of Dovercourt Tollgate.

Clacton Constituency


In 2018 the approved Polling Place for Burrsville district ward (with the letters AE) was Burrsville Public Hall, Gorse Lane, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO15 4RN. The district ward is currently a single polling district with a single polling place (as stated).  It is now proposed to divide the district ward into two separate polling districts.  The first will be based on Gorse Lane and Burrs Road.  The second will cover the remainder of the district ward.  The first polling district will retain Burrsville Public Hall as the venue for its polling station.  The Second polling district, it is proposed, will have as its polling station venue at St Marks Church, Lymington Avenue, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO15 4PJ.

We recommend that the Burrsville District Ward (AE) is now divided into two polling districts.  For each, the polling place shall be the polling district concerned. The polling station venues shall be Burrsville Public Hall and St Marks Church as set out above.

View the map from the 2018 polling district review that concerns the Burrsville district ward. There are about 4,500 electors in the district ward.

How to comment

If you want to comment on these proposals, please email elections@tendringdc.gov.uk within 28 days and no later than 19 September 2022.

We will publish details of any comments, objections and amendments here after 20 September 2022.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this please contact the electoral registration team on 01255 686566.



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