Parking Initiative

The Considerate Parking Initiative (CPI)now known as Parking Initiative was originally launched in Brightlingsea. The initiative aimed to highlight issues around anti-social parking and the effect this can have on a community. The initiative is a partnership arrangement between Essex Police and Tendring District Council.

Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers and Tendring District Council Civil Enforcement issue notices to vehicles parked in a manner that whilst not necessarily illegal, or in contravention of existing Traffic Regulation Orders are potentially causing a nuisance to others.

The initiative has proved so successful that it has now been extended across the whole of the Tendring district.

Examples of parking initiative are where vehicles are parked on pavements when it is considered not necessary, or where they are parked too far onto the pavement causing a hazard to pedestrians. Vehicles parked on pedestrian crossings (blister tactile paving)or close to road junctions will also be targeted. New issues relating to inconsiderate or anti-social parking are being raised all the time.

Parking too close to road junctions is dangerous and may result in the introduction of double yellow line junction protection.

Parking on grass public open space causes damage which is hazardous, unsightly and costly.

The idea behind the scheme is to provide an opportunity for motorists to understand the consequences of their actions, to alter their parking habits and therefore avoid the need for further regulation of the roads, for the police to issue notices for obstruction or for other legal action to be undertaken.

Parking Initiative notices are not fines they are only advisory. Pavement parking is not illegal (pavement parking is only enforced within London Boroughs)

The partners launching the initiative recognise the need to retain valuable parking space where possible and the need to win public support to combat anti-social parking. By highlighting the issues and asking motorists to be more considerate it is hoped the need for further regulation and enforcement can be avoided.

The parking initiative scheme is enabling Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers and the local authority parking services to work together with the community on parking related matters. The scheme has been recognised nationally as an innovative approach to parking enforcement winning the Living Streets category at there cent British Parking Awards ceremony in London.

The scheme is supported by the Tendring Access Group and the Essex Coalition of Disabled People.

General enquiries concerning the scheme can also be made by contacting Parking Services by calling 01255 686969 or emailing


Parking services

Parking Services
PO Box 8259
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