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Change of Tenants

To tell us about a change of tenant, please complete the form: Landlord's notification of a tenants' move

Council Tax Between Tenants

When there are no residents in a property, the owner will receive a bill for 100% Council Tax. Who is treated as the "owner" for Council Tax purposes, varies in different circumstances.

  • If tenants have left the property before the end of their fixed-term tenancy, they are deemed to have a material interest in the property until the tenancy expires or new tenants move in. They will be billed as the "owner" for this period.
  • If tenants leave the property after their fixed term tenancy has ended and the agreement has now become a 'statutory periodic tenancy', they are not deemed to have material interest in the property. We cannot hold them liable for Council Tax after they stop residing at the property. The landlord will be billed from the day the tenants moved.

(Unfortunately it doesn't matter in this second scenario whether correct period of notice has been given, whether the tenants still have access to the property or have belongings inside. If they are now residing at a different property, their liability for Council Tax has ended.)

If the tenant has moved within our area they will usually be liable for Council Tax at their new property. Although we cannot tell you where they have moved to, we do use this information in determining when your Council Tax liability begins.

Please email if you require further information.

Further Information

These Council departments also have information available for landlords:

Information about Benefits

Information about Housing


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