Householder parking permit

Householder Parking Permits

I do not already have a householder parking permit:

All council tax paying households within the Tendring District can register for a Free Parking Permit, which can be used at all Tendring District Council-run car parks (except for the Naze car park, Holland Haven, Ipswich Road and Walton pool) between 11am and midnight. The permits are not valid for the months of July and August. You are able to apply for a Householder Permit at any time throughout the year.

If you do not already have an account you will need to click on "Not Registered?" and set your account up. You will need your council tax account number to do this.

Once registered you will be able to click on "Buy Virtual Permits" and select "Householder Permits".  Once selected and your registration number has been added click on "finish" (no payment required) and another box will open and a blue box at the bottom will confirm no payment is needed for this permit.  Click the next "finish" box and you are finished!

Follow this link if you are a first time applicant

You can download a step by step guide to help you through the online set up process here.

Follow this link and log in if you already have an existing account

Free householder parking permits

We're pleased to announce that the free householder parking permit will continue as before and in addition there is no requirement for households to renew their permit. The permits will continue  automatically from 1 April 2019 until such time as we wish to review the scheme.

I already have a householder parking permit:

All households that already have a permit need do nothing - We will automatically renew these until such time as we review the permit scheme.

Second householder permit

If you are purchasing a second householder permit, the process is the same as above but a £20 payment will be required.

Third householder permit or if you live outside the area

If you are purchasing your third householder permit or live outside the area you will need to select the Season Ticket box from the "Buy Virtual Permits" option.  This will then allow you to select "Householder permit" from the drop down and will require a payment of £50.

July and August Householder Permit

As your householder parking permit does not cover you during the months of July and August, you are able to purchase these two months for a fee of £40.00, single months may be purchased for £20.00 . The July and August permit will be valid between 11am and midnight on all Tending District Council car parks excluding the Naze and Holland Haven.

Changing vehicle registration

Please note that there is a £5 charge to change your vehicle registration and you will need to call 03455207007 to do this.


Parking services

Parking Services
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