Hazardous Substance Consents (HSC)

Hazardous Substance Consent is required when substances on a site are at, or in excess of the 'controlled quantity' as set out in the Planning (Hazardous Substances)Regulations 2015. 

What constitutes a Hazardous Substance and the procedures for applications are set out within the same regulations.

There are three types of Hazardous Substance Applications:

Validation requirements for each application type can be found via the below links:

Validation Requirements - Continuation of Hazardous Substance Consent

Validation Requirements - Hazardous Substance Consent

Modification of Hazardous Substance Consent

Viewing and Commenting on an Application for Hazardous Substance Consent

Due to the sensitive nature of the application, if you wish to view the contents of this application, the documents must be viewed in person.  To arrange a convenient appointment to view the documents at the Town Hall, Clacton on Sea, you will need to contact the case officer. 

Prior to viewing the application documents, you will also be asked to show proof of ID (e.g.valid passport or driving license), and complete the Proof of Identity Form.

If you wish to comment on a Hazardous Substance Consent application, you should e-mail your comments to planning.services@tendringdc.gov.uk,or you may submit your comments by letter. 

You will not be able to view or comment on this application via Public Access.

Public Register of Sites

Section28 of the Planning (Hazardous Substance) Act 1990 requires the Council to maintain a public register of sites at which hazardous substances are permitted to be located.

Further information in relation to Hazardous Substances Consent can be found within the following links.


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