Benefit Fraud costs the country - and you - millions of pounds every year. Put a stop to it now!

We are committed to preventing and detecting benefit fraud.

Do you know someone who is fraudulently claiming benefits or misusing a council property?

  • Working and claiming benefits?
  • Not living in the property?
  • Has undisclosed income?
  • Has a partner they are not declaring?
  • Has an undeclared pension?

Business Rates Fraud

Business rates – also called non-domestic rates – fraud is when a business avoids paying the charge they owe for local services.

The most common types of business rates fraud include:

  • Dishonestly claiming an exemption and/or relief
  • Not declaring the location of a business
  • Declaring that a property is no longer in use when it is

Business Rates Fraud is not a victimless crime.  People who commit business rates fraud are taking money from honest taxpayers.

How to report

Complete an online form

Email us at

Or call our hotline number 0800 1697 004

All the information you provide us with will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Our investigation team deal with enquiries relating to properties located in the Tendring area which covers:

  • Alresford
  • Ardleigh
  • Beaumont
  • Bradfield
  • Brightlingsea
  • Clacton
  • Dovercourt
  • Elmstead
  • Frating
  • Frinton & Walton
  • Great Bentley
  • Great Bromley
  • Great Oakley
  • Harwich
  • Jaywick
  • Lawford
  • Little Bentley
  • Little Bromley
  • Little Clacton
  • Little Oakley
  • Manningtree
  • Mistley
  • Ramsey and Parkeston
  • St Osyth
  • Tendring
  • Thorpe-le-Soken
  • Thorrington
  • Weeley
  • Wix
  • Wrabness

If you would like to report an allegation which is outside the Tendring area you can use the web site to find other local authorities.

Fraud and Corruption Policy

Our purpose, commitment and procedures are set out in the Fraud and Corruption Strategy.


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