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District, Parish and County elections are held every 4 years. UK Parliamentary elections are held every 5 years. Police and Crime Commissioner elections are held every 4 years. Most scheduled elections are held on the first Thursday of May.

By-elections can occur in any district ward, parish or county division at any time if a serving councillor resigns, dies or is disqualified, thereby creating a 'casual vacancy'. In the event of a casual vacancy arising, the relevant council must publicise it by way of a "Notice of Casual Vacancy".

If the Councillor's term of office was due to end in less than 6 months, an election cannot be held until the scheduled day of elections in May. Otherwise, an election can be called if a certain number of electors submit a request to the relevant Returning Officer as follows;

  • District council vacancy - signatures of 2 electors registered within the District.
  • Parish or town council vacancy - signatures of 10 electors registered within the parish, to be received before the deadline stated in the Notice of Vacancy.

It helps us if the requests clearly state the elector's name and address to enable us to confirm the eligibility of the person making the request. Scanned letters addressed to the Returning Officer can be submitted electronically to elections@tendringdc.gov.uk.

Casual vacancies in parish councils are most commonly filled by co-option. If no-one calls an election, the Council may appoint anyone it chooses. Before asking for an election to fill a casual vacancy, you may wish to contact the parish clerk or chairman to ask about being co-opted.

The Returning Officer for the Tendring District is: Ian Davidson, Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton on Sea, Essex CO15 1SE

When an election is to be held, a 'Notice of Election' is published. This gives details of the nomination timetable and who to contact if any person wishes to stand for election.

At the end of the nomination period, a list is published showing the names, addresses and descriptions of the candidates, and which sets out whether or not a poll will be necessary - i.e. if there are more valid candidates than there are vacancies to be filled. Where a poll is to be held, it is likely that candidates will carry out promotional activities to inform the public how they will be represented if they are elected.

In accordance with the election timetable, a 'Notice of Poll' will be published providing full details of the candidates, the names of those electors who have supported their nominations, the locations of polling stations, and the date and times of the poll. (Polling hours for all elections are 7am to 10pm).

On polling day, electors can cast their vote at polling stations unless they have applied for and been granted a postal or proxy voting facility.

Votes are cast in total secrecy and after the close of poll, all valid votes are counted and the result of the election is declared. The results will be published on this website.

Previous election results are available here

Information regarding parliamentary constituencies

Are you interested in working at an election? If you would like to work at an election, you can use this link to complete your details and email us) to register your interest. We are always on the lookout for people with good customer skills to help during the elections period.

How to become a Councillor

Are you interested in becoming a councillor?  The Electoral Commission website has information for candidates that may help you.



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