Blue Badge Parking

The blue badge scheme is run by Essex County Council and more information can be found on their Blue Badge Information pages.

We are fully committed to promoting the needs of all people with disabilities and our Parking Services continually review all off street car parks so try to meet the needs of people with disabilities, whether motorists, passengers in vehicles or pedestrians passing through.

Tendring District Council provides 3 free hours parking in all off street car parks. Blue badge holders are required to display the badge clearly and set clock to time of arrival before leaving the vehicle.

All on-street parking is operated by the North Essex Parking Partnership.  However, we understand that restrictions can vary from district to district and for this reason, we have created this information page to assist blue badge holders when parking in Tendring.

I have a Blue Badge, Where Can I Park?

Before utilising the benefits of the blue badge, you must remember to CLEARLY display the badge with the expiry side of your badge showing (i.e. DO NOT display your photo side of the badge). You must also set your clock to your time of arrival.

If parking on single or double yellow lines you are entitled to park for up to three hours (please note exceptions to this under Where Can't I park?).

If parking in a time restricted bay (i.e 1 hour no return with 4) you may park all day with your badge displayed.

If parking in a car park, you may park in any Tendring District Council pay and display car park for 3 hours free of charge providing your badge is displayed and clock set (please note we DO NOT operate the NCP car parks).

You may park in any on-street disabled bay with your badge correctly displayed. Most bays of this type allow you to park all day. Where disabled on street bays are time restricted, the sign nearby will advise what time limit there is to your parking.

Where Can't I Park?

  • On double or single yellow lines where there are adjacent kerb markings (please see the blue badge information booklet for full details on loading bans).
  • You may not park in/on loading bays, taxi ranks or any other parking place reserved for specific users AT ANY TIME.
  • On pedestrian crossings or zig zag markings.
  • Close to junctions, traffic lights or any other area likely to cause a danger to pedestrians or traffic congestion as stated in the blue badge scheme information booklet.

Please note that full and detailed information can be found in the Blue Badge Scheme information booklet that you received when your badge was issued.

The Blue Badge Scheme is administered by Essex County Council, so unfortunately Tendring District Council cannot help you with non car park related blue badge enquiries.

If you have a car park related query, please contact Parking Services on 01255 686969 (during office hours). For any blue badge queries Essex County Council can be contacted on 0345 603 7630 or email and for any on-street parking queries please contact the North Essex Parking Partnership on 01206 282316 or email


Blue Badge Services

Northbourne Depot
Vista Road
CO15 6AY

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