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Tendring Youth Awards are keen to promote a positive image of young people. We aim to highlight and celebrate the success of young people and their commitment to the community in and around the Tendring area.




Tendring Youth Awards finalists 2022

The Tendring Youth Awards' headline sponsor is Harwich Haven Authority: Harwich Haven Authority logo

Award Categories

Volunteer (Young Person aged 11-21)

Sponsored by: Actual Radio
This award recognises the volunteering efforts of young people (aged 11-21) as an individual or as part of a group.

Winner of 2022; Chloe Cook

Runners up of 2022;  Max Beeson and Kerri Martin


Arts (Young Person aged 11-21)

Sponsored by: The Princes Theatre
This award showcases the creative potential of a young person (aged 11-21) in any respect of the arts; including Creative (i.e. drawing or writing), Expressive (i.e. dancing or theatre) or Applied (i.e. product design or textiles).

Winner of 2022; Wilf Elliott

Runners up of 2022; Clacton Community Theatre and Lola Rogers


Community Improvement (Young Person aged 8-21)

Sponsored by: Harwich Haven Authority
This award celebrates an individual or group who have significantly contributed to their community, and includes a bursary from the sponsor to enable the winners to continue to develop their initiative.

Winner of 2022; Multi-Schools Council

Runners up of 2022; Arnie Dawson and Oliver Dawson-Dragisic and Shorefields School Council


Young Carer (Young Person aged 8-18)

This award recognises a young person (aged 8-18) who helps look after a relative who has a condition, such as a disability, illness, mental health condition, or a drug or alcohol problem.

Winner of 2022; Alfie Benson

Runners up of 2022; Annabelle Turbefield and Frankie Draper


Learning Achievement (Young Person aged 11-21)

Sponsored by: Tendring District Council
This award rewards the hard work and perseverance of a young person (aged 11-21) who has succeeded in their chosen subject or subjects showing their determination to achieve their learning goals.

Winner of 2022; Skye Inwood

Runners up of the younger category 2022; Daniel Xi Lin and Ivy Keeble

Winner of 2022; Jessica Rygal

Runners up of the older category 2022; Kamila Karczewska and Theo Vine


Outstanding Achievement (Young Person aged 11-21)

Sponsored by: Essex County Council
The Outstanding Achievement category is all about celebrating an individual or group of young people (aged 11-21) achieving in any discipline or field. Achievements must be significant and exceed the norm.

Winner of 2022; Reggie Hilham-Field

Runners up of 2022; Ruby Doe-Stovell and Oliver Blanes


Personal Achievement (Young Person aged 8-21)

Sponsored by: Nova Training
This award is given in recognition that some young people (aged 8-21) overcome huge difficulties to achieve success. Obstacles might include problems in their family, social, educational, health or work lives.

Winner of 2022; Jaevon James

Runner up of 2022; Sarah Smith and Briony Allen


Environmental Initiative Awards (Young Person aged 8-21)

Sponsored By: Halterman Carless

Celebrating those who have significantly contributed to improving or caring for the environment.  This award includes a bursary from the sponsors to enable the winners to continue and develop their environmental initiatives into the future.

Winner of 2022; Charlotte Clarke

Runners up of 2022; Mitchell Rose and 1st Tendring Cubs


Unsung Hero (Adult)

Sponsored by: Harwich Haven Authority
This award is given in recognition of the efforts of an individual (adult) to support young people to achieve their full potential, through volunteering, mentoring or coaching.

Winner of 2022; Chris Bareham

Runners up of 2022; Thomas Hide and Clare Leach


Committee Award

This award is given to a finalist who does not win in their category, but who the Tendring Youth Awards committee feels is particularly worthy.

Winner of 2022; Frankie Draper 


Tendring Youth Awards are supported by Harwich Haven Authority, Nova Training, Princes Theatre, Actual Radio, Halterman Carless, Essex County Council and Tendring District Council.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, or joining the committee, email thetendringyouthawards@gmail.com

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