Housing condition survey - privacy notice

The purpose for this processing

To establish the condition of the rented housing stock in the Tendring District.

The survey is being conducted to give the Council more accurate information on the condition of rented houses and the people who live in them. This information will help the Council make decisions on future projects to improve housing conditions and help identify the needs of residents.

Legal basis for this processing

Article 6 Lawfulness of Processing (Section 1, (e))

Processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller.

This means Tendring District Council are collecting this information because it helps them to do their job as a Council. In particular, to ensure people have good quality homes to live in.

Article 9 Processing of special categories of personal data

Processing of personal data concerning health shall only be processed where the individual has given their explicit consent to the processing for one or more specified purposes.

What data do we collect about you

Personal details, which may include:

  • Contact details
  • Information about those living in household
  • Information about household income
  • Disability or Life limiting illnesses e.g. to understand any special housing needs

How long do we keep your personal data

Personal information is retained in accordance with the Council’s published Corporate Retention Schedule and other legal obligations.

Who we may share it with

  • Central government agencies
  • Other local authorities, such as Essex County Council
  • Opinion Research Services

Where we get it from

Individuals themselves (Data subjects) and relevant third parties.

Is any automated decision making applied

No automated decision making applies to this process.

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