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Result of by-election for Bluehouse ward


Bernard Goldman has been elected to serve on Tendring District Council.

He was elected to the Bluehouse ward after polling 181 votes at the by-election held yesterday (Thursday, 11 January).

The seat was vacant following the resignation of Ian Lennard late last year.

The turnout for the by-election was 14.6%.

The result, as announced by the Returning Officer Ian Davidson, is as follows:

Gareth Bayford (Independent): 45

John Carrington (Labour Party): 83

John Chittock (Independent): 6

Bernard Goldman (Independent): 181 (elected)

Josie Holland: 24

Tony Mack (Reform UK): 54

Danny Mayzes (Independent): 52

Andrew  Pemberton (UK  Independence Party (UKIP)): 38

Alex Porter (Conservative  Party Candidate): 91

Kane Silver (Liberal  Democrats): 22

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