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Residents reminded to check pet sellers, animal boarding and stables are licensed


Animal lovers in Tendring are being reminded to check that pet sellers and other animal enterprises – such as riding stables and animal boarding - are licensed before buying a pet or engaging services.

The advice comes following an increase in the number of reports made to Tendring District Council (TDC) of alleged unlicenced businesses operating in the district.

Anyone operating an animal activity with the intention of making a profit is likely to require a licence by law, if the income, not just the profit, from doing so exceeds £1,000 a year.  

Before buying a pet, buyers should check that the seller – whether a business or an individual - holds the appropriate licence.

The same goes for those offering animal boarding, day care services, riding lessons, pony rides, horses for loan, or animals for exhibition.

When buying a puppy or kitten, buyers should also make sure the animals have been bred by the seller.

Lucy’s Law makes it illegal for anyone other than the breeder to sell a puppy or kitten in England.

TDC is the licensing and enforcing authority for all licensable animal activities in Tendring.

Councillor Mike Bush, TDC’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “There has been a recent increase in reports of alleged unlicenced animal activities in the district.  

“We are now urging people to check that operators have the appropriate licence in place, as required by the Animal Welfare Regulations 2018.

“The licence ensures that certain criteria and animal welfare standards have been met.

“Residents should be aware that some unlicenced operators may not be adequately insured if they do not have the appropriate licence.”

Anyone with concerns that an animal business is operating in Tendring without a licence should e-mail or report it online at

A public register of licensed animal sellers and other licenced businesses can be found on the TDC website at

A full list of animal activities which require a licence and how to apply can be found at

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