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Poll cards issued in Tendring for upcoming election


Poll cards have been issued in Tendring ahead of the upcoming election for the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner taking place on 2 May.

Nominations are now open for the poll, which is being administered by Colchester City Council.

To vote in the elections people need to be on the electoral register. While the deadline for voter registration for the upcoming elections is Tuesday, 16 April, residents are urged to act now. You can register to vote at or call the TDC Electoral Services team on 01255 686575.

If you live in Tendring and are over-18 you are probably eligible to vote, including if you live in a refuge, are in the Armed Forces, or are a qualifying Commonwealth or EU national. Sixteen and 17-year-olds should also register ready for when they are 18.

Residents who want to vote by post, rather than at a polling station, are being encouraged to apply early, with the deadline for applications 5pm on Wednesday, 17 April. Applications for proxy votes, where you know you will be away on polling day or have accessibility issues, must be made by 5pm on Wednesday, 24 April. If something happens after then you may be able to get an emergency proxy vote up until 5pm on 2 May itself.

Across Tendring poll cards have been issued to voters already registered with details of how and where to vote. If you have not received one yet then check you are registered to vote; or, if you have received a postal vote poll card and wish to cast your ballot in person – or vice versa – then please contact Tendring’s Electoral Services team.

Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday, 2 May. Voters are reminded that they need to bring photo ID to be able to vote – find out more about this, including what to do you if you do not have photo ID, at TDC is encouraging people to join Find it Friday on 19 April, using that day to dig out their photo ID – and, if they cannot find accepted photo ID, to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate.

Anyone who may need additional help to vote is encouraged to contact the council’s Election Service for assistance.

Ian Davidson, the Local Returning Officer for Tendring, said now was the time for people to ensure they were registered and able to vote.

“You can only cast your ballot paper if you are registered to vote, so it is important to make sure you are registered by the deadline; that you check where and how you vote, and then go to cast your ballot how you wish to do so,” Mr Davidson added.

“If you are planning to vote in person then please also make sure you have a valid form of photo ID or the free alternative Voter Authority Certificate.”

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