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Call for development and environment sites as part of Local Plan review


Landowners, developers and the public are being invited to suggestion how land could be used for either new development or environmental protection to support future growth up to 2041.

Tendring District Council (TDC) is in the process of reviewing its Local Plan, a master suite of planning policies acting as a blueprint to guide future development in line with government requirements.

The council’s current adopted Local Plan is designed to run until 2033, but legally has to be reviewed at least every five years. The review of Tendring’s Local Plan will extend its timeframe from 2033 to 2041, which might bring about the need to start planning now for additional development to meet longer-term future needs.

The process for reviewing the Local Plan includes a Call for Sites consultation exercise – where people have an opportunity to put forward for the council’s consideration sites, ideas and proposals for things like new housing developments, business parks and associated infrastructure, or even community facilities, wildlife areas or open space.

Andy Baker, TDC Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning, encouraged people to think about the future use of land around them.

“While we anticipate that most of the development needed between now and 2041 is already catered for through the council’s current Local Plan – which includes the Tendring Colchester Borders Garden Community, and Hartley Gardens in Clacton – there is a possibility that additional land could needed to meet projected needs in the longer-term, particularly towards the end of that period,” Councillor Baker said.

“It is best to start planning for the long-term now, rather than leaving it too late; that’s why we are inviting suggestions now, so we can start with assessing different options before coming up with any firm proposals going forward. These would, in due course, be subject to full public consultation in their own right.

“Submitting an idea, site or development proposal as part of this Call for Sites exercise does not guarantee its inclusion in the updated Local Plan; but it will help us understand what sites could potentially be available in different locations for different uses.”

The Call for Sites is open until 5pm on Monday, 18 March, and people can submit proposals through the consultation page of the TDC website (

Alternatively, people can download a form and return it to Planning Policy, Tendring District Council, Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO15 1SE.

People should provide as much detail as possible in their submission to be as clear and helpful as possible, but may be contacted by the council’s planning team later on if further information is needed. Some of the provided information will be made public – such as your name and details of the site – but your address and contact details will not be.

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