Public and community transport

Public Transport

Essex County Council provides local transport information, including journey planning and maps for bus or train routes or timetables
Essex County Council's Public Transport Maps (link will open a new window)

Community Transport

Tendring Community Transport

Tendring Community Transport is a well established and accomplished community transport scheme, that provides wheelchair accessible, door-to-door transport, for people of all ages who find it difficult or impossible to access conventional public transport.

Go to Tendring Community Transport website (link will open a new window)

Harwich Connexions Transport

Harwich connexions transport operates vehicles within Harwich and its outlying villages for community groups.

Go to Harwich Connexions Transport website (link will open a new window)

Helping Hands Transport

If you are aged 60 and over or are younger and disabled Helping Hands may be able to help you with transport and other tasks.  Volunteers use their own cars and normally wait for you to complete your appointment or shopping. They may be able to give assistance where necessary. There is no charge for waiting as our drivers are all volunteers but there is a fuel charge for the transport itself.

Go to Volunteer Centre Tendring website (link ill open a new window)

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