Quick guide to On-Street Parking restrictions

There are many restrictions to observe when parking on the street today.  All of these restrictions can be found in the Highway code.  However, the following information, whilst not exhaustive, is designed to help you with the main restrictions you will see every day.

1 hour parking no return within 4 hours (or variation of the same)

 Parking restriction sign on a lamp post

This means that you may park for up to one hour but you must NOT return to the same parking place within 4 hours.  Please be aware the "1 Hour" is the maximum parking time permitted, you may NOT utilise the time in segments i.e. 10 minutes at 9am and then return at 10am to park for a further 50 minutes.

Double yellow lines

Double yellow lines means NO WAITING AT ANY TIME.  You may ONLY stop to allow passengers to board or alight your vehicle or to load or unload heavy or unmanageable goods.  However this activity is generally limited to 20 minutes and must be continuous.  Double yellow lines are enforceable 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Single yellow line

A single yellow line means NO WAITING AT ANY TIME during the hours stipulated on nearby time plates (usually 9am-6pm).  You may ONLY stop to allow passengers to board or alight your vehicle or to load or unload heavy or unmanageable goods.  However this activity is generally limited to 20 minutes and must be continuous.  Single yellow lines are enforceable AT ALL TIMES shown on the time plates INCLUDING BANK HOLIDAYS unless specifically stated otherwise.

Kerb markings

Kerb markings indicate a ban on loading.  Double Yellow kerb markings indicate a ban at all times.  A Single Yellow kerb marking indicates that a time restricted ban is in force.  Details of this will be shown on a nearby time plate.

Loading bays

Most loading bays in Tendring District are restricted to Goods Vehicles Only.  Goods vehicles are vehicles constructed for the carriage of goods of burden (NOT including trailers).  If your vehicle is not a goods vehicle (i.e large estate vehicle or bigger) you may not use these bays at any time.  If the plate does not specify Goods Vehicles Only it may be used by any vehicle for the purpose of loading or unloading.

Loading bays may only be used whilst loading/unloading is taking place.  They MUST NOT be used as parking spaces whilst purchases are made or works are carried out.

Dual purpose bays

Pier Avenue (Clacton On Sea) is a time restricted zone.  Buses and goods vehicles ONLY may enter the central area between the hours of 10am and 4pm.  Outside of these times (i.e.4pm until 10am) the Loading Bays become time limited bays and disabled bays.  The signs adjacent to each bay will indicate whether the bay is disabled use only, or time limited from 4pm until 10am.    PLEASE NOTE THE FIRST LOADING BAY IN THE RESTRICTION IS LOADING ONLY AT ALL TIMES.

Residents only parking zones and other restricted bays

Vehicles may ONLY park in a residents only parking zone if displaying a valid residents or visitors/workers permit. Visitors permits are available to all residents for distribution.

Other on street reserved bays (i.e. Taxi, Bus, Coaches, Disabled) may only be used by the appropriate users AT ALL TIMES, unless otherwise stated on nearby time plates.

Contact Details

On-street parking enforcement is operated by the North Essex Parking Partnership, who are based in Colchester.  You can contact them by emailing parking@colchester.gov.uk or call 01206 282316.

Parking Quiz

Are you a parking pro?  Why not put your parking sills to the test with this Parking Pros quiz.

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