Cashless Parking and Virtual Permits

Go to the MiPermit site to pay for parking or buy a virtual permit

 Download the MiPermit app for iPhone or Android Go to the MiPermit site to download the app

Using the MiPermit site, Council car park customers can pay for parking without the need for change.  Additionally anyone who finds that they need to extend their parking time can call and add time without having to return to the car.

MiPermit cashless parking requires a credit or debit card and a mobile phone.  New customers text or call their registration number and location code to mipermit who call them back, register them as a user and take a payment.  Returning customers just text their location code and parking duration required.  They can do this at the car park or from home via the internet before they set off.

The system is simple to follow and personal help is available should you need it.  Once parking time has been purchased you will receive a text which confirms the details of your transaction and the expiry time of your parking.

There is a 20p convenience charge in addition to standard car park charges for this service.  Reminder texts can be arranged for 30 minutes prior to expiry.

Virtual permits are available for Category A, B and C season tickets.  You may also purchase Naze/Haven, Frinton and Walton or resident beach hut permits. These are all available on-line and they will be valid instantly.

If you have any queries or would like to speak to our office please call 01255 686969

Residents/Visitors permits for Residential Parking Zones are also available in electronic or paperless versions.  Visit the NEPP website for more details and how to apply.

Confused or want to speak to a person? No problem call  - 0345 520 7007

The cashless parking initiative is part of an ongoing review of Tendring District Councils parking policies and practices which is designed to help promote the economic vitality and viability of the District.

Last updated on: 25/07/2022 - 15:50