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The public reception at our Pier Avenue office will be closed from June 25 until January while refurbishment work takes place.
In the interim, the Benefits and Revenues service (including council tax enquiries) will be located at Clacton Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton, CO15 1SE. Opening hours (Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm) remain unchanged.
Licensing enquiries will be handled from the Northbourne Depot, Vista Road, Clacton, CO15 6AY, from 10am to 12noon Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and 1-4pm on Fridays.

Tendring District Council is carrying out a programme to transform the way it delivers services to the community.

There are four strands to the project - IT, customer services, office transformation and people - which together will shape the way the council works in the future.

Some of the big changes visible to the public are:

  • Closure and sale of the Weeley office site
  • A single reception centre for housing, benefits and revenues and other enquiries
  • A self-service portal for people to update their circumstances remotely, or in reception, without having to wait to speak to someone
  • Refurbishment of offices to modernise and improve them
  • Allowing staff to work more flexibly, including remotely 'in the field' or from home

For more details on each of the project strands, click on the headings below.

During the works, particularly to offices, there will be some changes to the way residents access services. This includes a temporary move of the reception in Pier Avenue to the Town Hall.

Long term there will also be changes, such as the closure of the Weeley offices and the set-up of self-service portals in reception areas.

Altogether, the transformation project will help the council to run more efficiently for the benefit of taxpayers.

Customer Services

One of the driving forces behind the transformation project is improving our customer service to residents and businesses.

Some of the key changes happening in this area are:

  • Creation of a single customer services team as a point of contact
  • Introduction of an online self-service portal where people can change their details and make enquiries - once, for all council services - from their home, or any other mobile device
  • Revamped reception area with a self-serve area - again, a single point of contact, based in Pier Avenue, Clacton

IT Transformation

The IT aspect of the transformation project has four key strands:

  1. Network redesign - as offices are changed and teams moved, we are improving the Council's voice/data network to better support modern working practices and further enhance security.
  2. Cloud migration - moving the council from a physical storage system to a cloud-based system, allowing a 'pay-as-you-go' financial arrangement instead of regular investment in costly equipment with additional benefits in terms of flexibility and resilience.
  3. Customer service portal - working with the new customer service team to create a portal where residents and customers can create their own secure self-service accounts to update their own information and see balance of accounts and the like remotely.
  4. Leisure and tourism app - to promote and crowdfund for events such as the Clacton Airshow. This project is subject to a final decision on whether or not to go-ahead after a review of the options.

This work will modernise the council's IT and allow staff to work more flexibly, including remotely from partner offices or from home.


The overall transformation project will have an impact on those who work at the council, in many different respects. The people element of the programme is there to make sure transformation is carried out with staff, not to them.

This will take place in several ways:

  • Where people work in the future - perhaps from a new office, or maybe from home or remotely
  • Training - especially in the new customer service portal, but also, for example, for managers whose team may now work remotely
  • New office spaces - working with staff on choices over furniture, for example

Office Transformation

Tendring District Council owns a number of buildings and sites, some of which are ageing and cost a lot to repair. By streamlining the estate, the council can save money not only from selling off sites which are no longer needed, but also through reducing maintenance costs by spending some up-front investment.

The key pieces of work taking place are:

  • Demolition of Westleigh House and converting the site into a car park.
  • Revamping Pier Avenue, including the creation of a new reception area as part of the customer service changes.
  • Refurbishment of Barnes House, including adding in a new internal connection to the neighbouring Pier Avenue office.
  • Building new office space at the Northbourne Road Depot.
  • Refurbishing Clacton Town Hall to create more flexible office space.
  • Closing the Weeley site - with teams re-locating to other offices. The site will then be sold.

As works are carried out at different locations, staff teams may temporarily move. Any moves which affect the public (such as reception areas) will be publicised. However, due to the council's internet-based telephone and other systems, many moves will not affect the public. Phone numbers will remain unchanged.


The public reception at our Pier Avenue office will be closed from June 25 until January while refurbishment work takes place.
In the interim, the Benefits and Revenues service (including council tax) will be located at Clacton Town Hall. Opening hours (Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm) remain unchanged.
Licensing enquiries will be handled from the Northbourne Depot, from 10am-12noon Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and 1-4pm on Fridays.

If you have any questions, email the Communications Manager. 

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