Your green recycling box

Why not stack bottles and cans upright to fit more in?Your green recycling box is collected on an alternate weekly schedule. This allows you to collect and store your recyclable materials for two weeks before putting it out for recycling.

Use your green box to recycle plastic bottles, tins and cans.

To make the most of your green recycling box, why not stack your bottles, tins and cans in an upright position – this will help you fit more in!

To ensure that your box is emptied, please place it just inside your front boundary by 7am on the day of collection, but no earlier than the night before.


Important points to remember

  • If you place your recyclable items in plastic carrier bags they will not be collected.
  • Please try and rinse your bottles, tins and cans.
  • Items such as margarine tubs and plastic food packaging are not accepted for recycling as part of the collection service, so please do not place these in your green box.
  • Please leave lids on all bottles but remove triggers from cleaning products

What goes in your green box

  • Plastic milk and drink bottles
  • Drink cans and food tins
  • Household cleaning bottles
  • Personal hygiene bottles (shampoo bottles, aerosols etc)

To make sure you put your green box out in time for collection, take a look at our collection days page, which tells you when your boxes are due to be emptied.  

Missed collection - What can I do if my green box has been missed?

If your rubbish or recycling is missed, you should report it instantly to us via our online Report It form or call on 01255 686788 on the day collection was due.  We will arrange for it to be picked up by the end of the following working day. Please note this is the responsibility of Veolia so before reporting a missed collection, please check all the correct items are in the correct boxes and have been placed on your boundary correctly.  If you have a yellow sticker on your recycling box then this means an incorrect item has been placed in the box, please refer to this and remove the item.  Unfortunately Veolia are not able to re-collect if an incorrect item was placed in the box, this will now be collected on your next pick up date for that particular box.

Did you know?
Recycling just one aluminium drinks can saves enough energy to:

  • Power a stereo for 1.5 hours
  • Run a television for three hours
  • Boil a kettle three times
  • Or run a computer for one hour

Recycling a single plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb for 3 hours.

Assisted Collections

If all the residents of the property are elderly or disabled and have difficulty presenting the bin to the boundary of the property, assisted collections are available.  If you require this assistance please complete our online Assisted Collection form.

Your other recycling containers

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