Your food waste caddies

Full small food waste caddy and large food waste caddy

Your small food waste caddy is for use inside the home, ideally in the kitchen.

Scrape your food waste into your small caddy and then transfer it to your larger caddy.

Your large food waste caddy is collected on a weekly basis from the boundary of your property.


How to use your food waste caddy

What goes in your food waste caddies

Items that can be placed in your food waste caddies


Lining your caddy

Compostable logoThere are three ways for you to fill your food waste caddy. Most people use compostable caddy liners, which can be purchased from Tendring District Council and most supermarkets. You can also use sheets of newspaper as an alternative or even scrape the food straight into the caddy. We’d recommend the use of a compostable liner or newspaper, though the choice is yours!  To find out where to purchase food waste caddy liners please view our Gull Proof Bags, Food Waste Caddy Liners & Refuse Sacks page for information.

You can also use shredded paper to line your food caddy.  This will help to soak up any moisture from your food waste and keep the caddy cleaner.  The process that the food waste is recycled means that shredded paper can break down and also be recycled.

Missed collection - What can I do if my food caddy has been missed?

If your rubbish or recycling is missed, you should report it instantly to us via our online Report It form or call on 01255 686788 on the day collection was due. We will arrange for it to be picked up by the end of the following working day. Please note this is the responsibility of Veolia so before reporting a missed collection, please check all the correct items are in the correct boxes and have been placed on your boundary correctly.  If you have a yellow sticker on your recycling box then this means an incorrect item has been placed in the box, please refer to this and remove the item.  Unfortunately Veolia are not able to re-collect if an incorrect item was placed in the box, this will now be collected on your next pick up date for that particular box.

Assisted Collections

If all the residents of the property are elderly or disabled and have difficulty presenting the bin to the boundary of the property, assisted collections are available.  If you require this assistance please complete our online Assisted Collection form.

Your other recycling containers

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