Recycling for Flats

Recycle Wheelie Bins

Your Communal Recycling Bins are collected on an alternate weekly schedule. This allows you to collect and store your recyclable materials for two weeks before putting it out for recycling.  One bin is to recycle your paper and card and the other is for plastic bottles, tins and cans.




Flat recycling bagTo store and transport your recyclable items to the communal bins, you can collect a ‘Flat Bag’ from your Local Recycling Box Collection Point.  Click the small image to open a bigger image for details.


What goes in your Paper and Card Bin

Paper & Cardboard Poster


  • Telephone directories and shopping catalogues
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Mixed paper including junk mail
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • File and plain paper
  • Cardboard such as cereal boxes and egg cartons

What goes in your Plastic Bottles, Tins & Cans Bin

Plastic Bottles Tins & CansPlastic Bottles Tins & Cans Poster



  • Plastic milk and drinks bottles (please remove the lids)
  • Drinks cans and food tins
  • Household cleaning bottles (please remove the lids)
  • Personal hygiene bottles (shampoo etc)

Important points to remember

• If you place your recyclable items in plastic carrier bags they will not be collected.

• Please try and rinse your bottles, tins and cans out.

• Please remove the lids from your plastic bottles before placing them in your Plastic Bottles, Tins and Cans bin.

• Items such as margarine tubs and plastic food packaging are not accepted for recycling as part of the collection service, so please do place these in your black waste sack, which will be collected weekly.

Can’t Recycle but want to?

If you currently do not have Recycling facilities, please contact our Recycling Officers on 01255 686888 or email

Why does the bin have a contamination sticker on it?

If your bin is contaminated with items that shouldn’t be in there please contact the Recycling Officers on 01255 686888 or email, so they can talk to residents at the communal property (flats) to help prevent this from happening again.

Did you know?

70% less energy is required to recycle paper compared with making it from raw materials.

Recycling just one aluminium drinks can saves enough energy to:

•           Power a stereo for 1.5 hours

•           Run a television for 3 hours

•           Boil a kettle 3 times

•           Or run a computer for 1 hour

Recycling a single plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb for 3 hours.

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