Road name S


Road NameAreaWaste ServiceCollection Frequency
Sadlers CloseKirby Cross Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Salisbury RoadHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Salmon CloseClacton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Salmons LaneThorringtonWheelie binsFortnightly 
Salvia CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Samsons CloseBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Samsons RoadBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Sandown CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sandwich RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sandwich RoadBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Sarre WayBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Saville Street Walton On The NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Saville Street: Flats at 14,16,18Walton On The NazeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Saxmundham WayClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Saxon WayHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Saxon WayPoint Clear Bay St OsythCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Saxon Way: Houses 1 & 12Point Clear Bay St OsythWheelie binsFortnightly 
Saxstead DriveClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Schofield CloseClacton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
School LaneLawford Wheelie binsFortnightly 
School LaneMistleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
School Lane: Free Rodwell HouseMistleyCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
School RoadElmstead MarketWheelie binsFortnightly 
School RoadFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
School RoadTendring Wheelie binsFortnightly 
School RoadGreat Oakley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Sea Cornflower WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sea CrescentJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sea Flowers WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sea Glebe WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sea Holly WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sea Lavender WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sea Pink WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sea Rosemary WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sea Shell WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sea Thistle WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sea WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Seafield AvenueMistleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Seafield RoadDovercourt Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Seafields GardensHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Seafields RoadHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Seaton CloseLawford Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Seaview AvenueLittle OakleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Seaview Avenue: Flats 26-52, Flats 39-53Little OakleyCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Seaview Gardens Brightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Seaview HeightsWalton on the NazeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Seaview RoadBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Seaview RoadSt OsythCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Seaview TerraceSt OsythWheelie binsFortnightly 
Seawick RoadSt OsythCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Second AvenueClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Second AvenueDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
Second AvenueWeeleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Second AvenueFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Second AvenueWalton On The NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Selsey AvenueClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Selsey Avenue: Flats 111-127, Flats 53 - 69 Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
Selsey Avenue: Flats 83 -99Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Severn RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Seymour RoadJaywick Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Shackleton CloseDovercourt Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Shaftesbury AvenueHarwich Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Shair LaneGreat BentleyCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Shair LaneLittle BentleyCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Shalfleet CourtGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Shanklin CloseClacton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Shaw CloseFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Shelley RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Sheppard CloseClacton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Sherborne CloseFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sheriffs WayGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Sherwood DriveGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Shop RoadLittle BromleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Shoreham RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Shotley CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Shrubland RoadMistleyCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Shrublands CourtClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Silcott StreetBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Silcott Street: Houses 2,4,6,8,10Brightlingsea Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Sillett CloseClacton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Singer AvenueJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sitwell CloseLawfordWheelie binsFortnightly
Skelmersdale RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Skelmersdale Road: Flats at 43-45Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Skelmersdale Road: Holland House, Flats at 5, Flats at 7Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
Skelton CloseLawfordWheelie binsFortnightly
Skyrmans FeeFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sladburys LaneHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sladburys LaneClacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Slade RoadHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Slaters CloseFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Slough LaneArdleighCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Slough LaneElmstead MarketWheelie binsFortnightly
Smythe CloseClacton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Snape CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Snape WayFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sneating Hall LaneKirby Le SokenWheelie binsFortnightly 
Somerset WayJaywick Wheelie binsFortnightly 
South CloseSt OsythWheelie binsFortnightly
Southcroft CloseKirby CrossWheelie binsFortnightly
South Heath RoadGreat Bentley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
South StreetManningtreeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Southcliff ParadeWalton on the NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Southcliff ParkClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Southcroft CloseKirby Cross Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Southgreen GardensClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Southview DriveHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Southview DriveWalton on the NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Southway Brightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Southwold WayClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sparrows CornerGreat Oakley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Sparrows HerneClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Spencer RoadThorpe Le SokenWheelie binsFortnightly 
Spendells Close: Darcy House, Rivers House and Rochford HouseWalton on the NazeCollection unchanged (Bulk bins)Weekly
Spenser WayJaywick Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Spinnaker CloseClacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
Spinnels LaneBradfieldWheelie binsFortnightly 
Spratts LaneLittle BromleyWheelie binsFortnightly
Spring Chase Brightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Spring CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Spring RoadBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Spring RoadSt OsythWheelie binsFortnightly
Spring Road: Houses with no front boundary and slopes: 3,4,5,7,10,12,14,44,46,48,63St OsythCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Spring Valley LaneArdleighWheelie binsFortnightly
Springbank AvenueLawford Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Springfield MeadowsLittle ClactonWheelie binsFortnightly 
SpringfieldsBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Springfields: Flats 12-70Brightlingsea Collection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
Springhill CloseGreat BromleyWheelie binsFortnightly
St  Clair CloseGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
St Albans RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Andrews CloseAlresfordWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Andrews PlaceBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
St Andrews RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Andrews RoadWeeleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Annes RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
St Austin LaneHarwich Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
St Botolphs TerraceWalton on the NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Christophers WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Clairs DriveSt OsythWheelie binsFortnightly
St Clairs RoadSt OsythWheelie binsFortnightly
St Clairs Road: Block of flats 37-51St OsythCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
St Cleres Hall LaneSt OsythCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
St Denis CloseDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Edmunds CloseDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Georges Avenue Dovercourt Wheelie binsFortnightly 
St Georges Avenue: 3 Beech CourtDovercourt Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
St Georges CloseArdleighWheelie binsFortnightly
St Helens AvenueClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Helens GreenHarwich Wheelie binsFortnightly 
St Ives CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Johns GardensClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
St Johns Road Clacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
St Johns Road: Flats above shopsClacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
St Marks RoadClacton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
St Martins CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
St Martins RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
St Marys CloseGreat Bentley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
St Marys RoadGreat Bentley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
St Marys RoadFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Marys RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
St Michaels CourtManningtreeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
St Michaels RoadThorpe Le SokenWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Michaels RoadDovercourt Wheelie binsFortnightly 
St Osyth RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Osyth RoadLittle ClactonWheelie binsFortnightly
St Osyth Road EastLittle ClactonWheelie binsFortnightly
St Osyth Road WestLittle ClactonWheelie binsFortnightly
St Osyth Road: Grosvenor Court, Springfield CourtClacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
St Osyth Road: Plumptons FarmAlresfordCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
St Pauls RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
St Pauls Road: Derek Crosfield HouseClacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
St Vincent RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stablefield RoadFrinton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stafford CloseFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stallards CrescentFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stambridge RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Standard AvenueJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Standley RoadWalton on the NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stanley AvenueBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Stanley RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stanmore CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stanmore WaySt OsythWheelie binsFortnightly
Stansted WayFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stanwyn AvenueClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Station Approach Frinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Station LaneHarwich Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Station RoadHarwich Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Station RoadFrating Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Station RoadThorringtonWheelie binsFortnightly 
Station RoadGreat Bentley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Station RoadKirby CrossWheelie binsFortnightly 
Station RoadLawford Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Station RoadBradfieldWheelie binsFortnightly 
Station RoadWrabness Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Station RoadThorpeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Station RoadArdleighWheelie binsFortnightly
Station Road Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
Station Road: Coleman Court, Mayfield Chambers Flats at 2A Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
Station RoadAlresfordWheelie binsFortnightly
Station Road: Flats above shopsAlresfordCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Station Road: Flats above shopsManningtreeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Station RoadDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly
Station Road: Flats above shops, Station ViewDovercourtCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Station RoadBrightlingseaWheelie binsFortnightly
Station Road:St James Court, Houses with no front boundary 18-30 (even)Brightlingsea Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Station StreetWalton On The NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Station Street: Lombardian House, Flats 30,32,34Walton On The NazeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Steam Mill RoadBradfieldWheelie binsFortnightly 
Steam Mill Road: Bradfield HallBradfieldCollection unchanged - Rural Round (Black sacks)Weekly
Steam Mill RoadMistleyWheelie binsFortnightly
Stephenson RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stewards CloseFrinton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stoke Ash CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stone RoadGreat BromleyWheelie binsFortnightly
Stonehall DriveLittle ClactonWheelie binsFortnightly
Stonehall LaneGreat Oakley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Stones GreenGreat Oakley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Stones Green RoadTendring Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Stones Green Road: houses with no front boundary 2 & 3 Sunnyside Cottages Tendring Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Stoney LaneBrightlingsea Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Stonham AvenueClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stour CloseHarwich Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Stour RoadHarwich Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Stour StreetManningtreeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Stourdale CloseLawford Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Stourview AvenueMistleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stourview Avenue: Flats 2 - 46, Flats 45 - 69MistleyCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Stourview CloseMistleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stourview Close: Flats 1-25, Flat 12-54MistleyCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Straight RoadBradfieldWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stratford RoadHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Strawberry AvenueLawford Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Stubbs CloseFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Stubbs CloseLawfordWheelie binsFortnightly
Sturrick LaneGreat Bentley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Sudbourne AvenueClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Suffolk CloseHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Suffolk StreetWalton On The NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Suffolk Street: 6,7Walton On The NazeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Summers Park AvenueLawfordWheelie binsFortnightly
Sunbeam AvenueJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sundale CloseHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sunningdale WayFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sunny PointWalton On The NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sunnyside WayLittle ClactonWheelie binsFortnightly
Sussex GardensHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Swallow CloseDovercourt Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Swallow RowGreat BentleyCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
SwallowdaleClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Swan RoadBeaumontWheelie binsFortnightly 
SwandaleClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sweden CloseDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
Swedish EstateWixWheelie binsFortnightly
Swift AvenueJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sycamore PlaceGreat Bentley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Sycamore WayClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sycamore Way Frinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Sydney StreetBrightlingsea Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
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