Road name L


Road NameAreaWaste ServiceCollection Frequency
Laburnum CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Laburnum CloseGreat Bentley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Laburnum CrescentFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Ladbrooke RoadClacton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Ladysmith AvenueBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Lake AvenueClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lake WalkClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lake Way JaywickCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Lambeth WalkGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Lambourne CloseGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Lancaster Gardens EastClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lancaster Gardens WestClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lanchester AvenueJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lancia AvenueJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Land CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Landermere QuayThorpe Le SokenCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Landermere RoadThorpe Le SokenWheelie binsFortnightly 
Langham DriveClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Langham Drive: Flats 2-36, Flats 31-61, Flats 38-72, Flats 84-118Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
Langley CloseDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lark WayFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Larkfield RoadGreat Bentley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Larksfield Crescent Harwich Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Laurel AvenueDovercourt Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Laurel CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Laurence CloseElmstead MarketWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lavender WalkJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lavenham CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lawford PlaceLawford Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Laxton GroveGreat HollandWheelie binsFortnightly 
Laxton RoadAlresfordWheelie binsFortnightly 
Leas RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Leas Road: Flats 1 - 49 Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Lee RoadDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lee Wick LanePoint ClearCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Legerton DriveClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Leicester CloseJaywick Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Lewis CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Lewis RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Leys DriveLittle ClactonWheelie binsFortnightly
Leyton CloseGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Lime AvenueDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lime CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lincoln AvenueJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Linden CloseLawford Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Linden DriveGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Link RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Linley GardensClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Linnet Way Great Bentley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
LinnetsClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Linnets: Blocks of flats 2-12Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Linstead CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
LitchfieldDovercourt Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Litchfield CloseGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Little Bakers Frinton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Little Bromley RoadArdleighCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Little Bromley RoadLittle BentleyCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Little Bromley RoadGreat HollandCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Little Church StreetHarwich Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Little Clacton RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Little HarrodsFrinton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Little Meers GardensKirby CrossWheelie binsFortnightly
Little Stone CourtClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Little Wood Frinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lodge CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lodge CloseLittle OakleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lodge LaneTendring  Collection unchanged - Rural Round (Black sacks)Weekly
Lodge LaneArdleighCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Lodge RoadLittle OakleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lodge RoadBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Lodge RoadLittle ClactonCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
London RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
London Road: 2AClacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
London RoadLittle ClactonWheelie binsFortnightly
London Road (Roundabout to Lt Clacton)Great Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Long MeadowsDovercourt Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Long Meadows: Flats 23-45 Dovercourt Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Long RoadLawford Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Long RoadMistleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Longfields St OsythWheelie binsFortnightly
Lonsdale RoadThorpe Le SokenWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lotus WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Louise CloseWalton On The NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Louise Close: Elizabeth CourtWalton On The NazeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Louvain RoadDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
Love LaneBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Love WayClacton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Low RoadDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly
Low Road: Dovercourt Haven Caravan ParkDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly
Low Road: Clear SpringsDovercourtBulk binsWeekly
Lowe Chase Walton On The NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lower Farm LaneBrightlingsea Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Lower Marine ParadeDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lower Marine Parade: Phoenix PailionsDovercourtCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
Lower Park RoadBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Lower Park Road: Flats Santiago Cottages, House with no front boundary 21,23,25Brightlingsea Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Lucas LaneBeaumontWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lucerne RoadElmstead MarketWheelie binsFortnightly 
Luff WayFrinton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Luff Way: Luff MewsFrinton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Lulworth CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lumber LeysFrinton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lupin WayClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Lushington AvenueFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lushington RoadManningtreeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lydgate CloseLawfordWheelie binsFortnightly
Lydia DriveSt OsythWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lymington AvenueClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lyndhurst RoadHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lyndhurst Road: Lyndhaven CourtHolland On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Lynee CloseKirby Cross Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Lynton CloseHarwich Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Lyon CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Lyon Close: Middlesex CourtClacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
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