Road Name H


Road NameAreaWaste ServiceCollection Frequency
Hadleigh RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hadleigh Road: Flats 3 - 21Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hadleigh RoadFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Haggars LaneFrating Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Hall CrescentHolland on SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hall CutBrightlingsea Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hall LaneThorpe Le SokenWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hall LaneDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hall Lane ThorringtonWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hall LaneWalton On The NazeWheelie binsFortnightly
Hall Lane: Flats above shops 123,134Walton On The NazeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hall RoadGreat BromleyWheelie binsFortnightly
Hallview RoadGreat Bentley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Halstead RoadKirby CrossWheelie binsFortnightly 
Halstead RoadKirby Le SokenWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hamford CloseWalton On The NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hamford DriveGreat Oakley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Hamilton RoadGreat HollandWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hamilton StreetParkestonCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hamilton Street: Houses 40-54ParkestonWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hampstead AvenueClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hankin AvenueDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hanwell CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Harbour CrescentHarwich Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Harbour Crescent: Houses up slope (49-60)Harwich Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Harcourt Avenue DovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
Harman WalkClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Harold GroveFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Harold RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 

Harold Road: Honey Pot Hall, Harold Court, Surrey Court 

Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
Harold RoadFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Harold Road: Flats at 15Frinton on SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Harold Way Frinton on SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Harpers WayJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Harrow RoadGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Harts LaneArdleighCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Harvest WayElmstead MarketWheelie binsFortnightly 
Harvey CloseLawfordWheelie binsFortnightly
Harwich RoadLittle OakleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Harwich RoadManningtreeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Harwich RoadWrabness Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Harwich RoadBradfieldWheelie binsFortnightly 
Harwich RoadMistleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Harwich RoadLittle BentleyCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Harwich RoadLawfordWheelie binsFortnightly
Harwich RoadBeaumontWheelie binsFortnightly
Harwich RoadArdleighWheelie binsFortnightly
Harwich RoadGreat BromleyWheelie binsFortnightly
Harwich Road: Home Farm LaneArdleighCollection unchanged - Rural Round (Black sacks)Weekly
Harwich RoadLittle ClactonWheelie binsFortnightly
Harwich Road: Houses St Chads, Garden Cottage, Lower Botany FarmLittle ClactonCollection unchanged - Rural Round (Black sacks)Weekly
Harwich RoadGreat OakleyWheelie binsFortnightly
Harwich Road: New Farm House, Great Oakley LodgeGreat Oakley Collection unchanged - Rural Round (Black sacks)Weekly

Harwich Road

WixWheelie binsFortnightly
Haslemere Gardens Frinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hastings AvenueClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hastings Avenue: Flats 47-57Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hastings PlaceBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Hatchcroft Gardens Elmstead MarketWheelie binsFortnightly 
Haven AvenueHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Havering CloseGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Hawk LaneWeeleyCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hawkendon RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
HawkeswayClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hawkins RoadAlresfordWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hawthorn CloseGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Hayes RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hayes Road: Flats at 27-31, Flats at 93Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hayes Road: Flats at 66Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
Hazel CloseThorringtonWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hazelville CloseDovercourt Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Hazelwood CrescentLittle ClactonWheelie binsFortnightly
Hazlemere RoadHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Heath RoadAlresfordWheelie binsFortnightly 
Heath RoadTendringWheelie binsFortnightly 
Heath RoadBradfieldWheelie binsFortnightly 
Heath RoadSt OsythCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Heather CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
HeathlandsThorringtonWheelie binsFortnightly 
Heathview CloseMistleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Heckfords RoadGreat Bentley Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Hendon CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Henry CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Herbert RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Herbert Road: Mead CourtClacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hereford CourtHolland on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Hereford RoadHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Heron GladeClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Heron WayFrinton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Heron WayHarwichWheelie binsFortnightly 
Heron Way: Flats Tern House, Shearwater House, Fulmar HouseHarwich Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Heron Way: Petrel HouseHarwich Collection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
HeronsgateFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hervilly Way Frinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hewitt RoadRamsey Wheelie binsFortnightly 
High Birch RoadWeeleyCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
High OaksHarwichCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
High StreetManningtreeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
High Street Harwich Wheelie binsFortnightly 
High Street: Flats above shops, Steeple House, Victoria Mansions, Central HouseHarwichCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
High Street: Midlands HouseHarwichCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
High Street: Harrison House DovercourtCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
High Street: Flats above shopsClacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
High Street: Flats at 56, Flats at 58, Flats at 77, Flats at 95Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
High Street: Holland Lodge, York MewsClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
High Street: Flats above shops and houses with no front boundary Walton On The NazeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
High Street: Houses 1 -25 (odds), Houses 103-121 (odds), 45-47Walton On The NazeWheelie binsFortnightly
High Street: Flats above shops, Poplar Cottages, Gull CourtThorpe Le SokenCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
High Street: Houses Vicarage Lane to New Town Road Thorpe Le SokenWheelie binsFortnightly 
High StreetBrightlingseaWheelie binsFortnightly
High Street: Jacobs Court, Flats at 30, Flats above shopsBrightlingsea Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
High Street: John King CourtBrightlingsea Collection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
High StreetGreat OakleyWheelie binsFortnightly
High Street: Mill House Cottages, Vine Cottages, Tuckedaway Cottage, Spring Cottage, Red House, Jessica, Glebe Cottage, Forge Cottage, Colley CottageGreat Oakley Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
High StreetMistleyCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
High Street: The Quayside Maltings, The New Barley Store, The Old Barley StoreMistleyCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
High Tree LaneWalton On The NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Highfield AvenueDovercourtWheelie binsFortnightly 
Highlands GroveClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Highlands ParkClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Highview CloseGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Hill House LaneThorpe Le SokenCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hill RoadHarwich Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Hill RoadGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Hilliards RoadGreat BromleyWheelie binsFortnightly
HillcrestClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
HillcrestKirby Le SokenWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hillman AvenueJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hillside Frinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hillside CrescentHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hilltop CrescentWeeleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hilltop RiseWeeleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hilton CloseManningtreeWheelie binsFortnightly
Hilton Close: Flats 18 - 28ManningtreeCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hogarth EndFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Holbrook CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Holland ParkClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Holland RoadClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 

Holland Road: Flats above shops, Albany Chase, Mansard Court, Turpins Court

Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly

Holland Road: Silverdale Court, Hanover Court

Clacton On SeaCollection unchanged (Bulk bin)Weekly
Holland RoadHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Holland RoadFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 

Holland Road: Broadlands, Holland Place, flat above shop 36

Frinton On SeaCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Holland RoadLittle ClactonWheelie binsFortnightly
Holledge CrescentFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Holly Bush HillGreat BentleyWheelie binsFortnightly 
Holly Way Elmstead MarketWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hollyview CloseTendring Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Holmbrook WayFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Holmwood CloseClacton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
HolyroodDovercourt Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Home Farm LaneArdleighCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Homerton CloseGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Homing RoadLittle ClactonWheelie binsFortnightly 
Honeypot LaneWixWheelie binsFortnightly 
Honeypot LaneSt OsythCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Honeypot LaneWeeley HeathCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Honeypot LaneGreat BromleyWheelie binsFortnightly
Honeysuckle WayThorringtonWheelie binsFortnightly 
Honywood WayFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hopkins CloseFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hordle PlaceDovercourtCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hordle StreetDovercourtCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Horley CloseClacton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Horsey RoadKirby Le SokenWheelie binsFortnightly 
Howard AvenueDovercourt Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Howard RoadHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hoxton CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hubbards ChaseWalton On The NazeWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hucklesbury AvenueHolland On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hudson CloseDovercourt Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Hudson CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hughes Stanton WayLawfordWheelie binsFortnightly
Humber AvenueJaywickWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hungerdown LaneLawfordWheelie binsFortnightly
Hunt DriveClacton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Hunt WayFrinton on SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hunter DriveLawford Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Hunters ChaseArdleighCollection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hunters CloseKirby CrossWheelie binsFortnightly 
Huntingdon WayGreat Clacton Wheelie binsFortnightly
Hurst CloseBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Hurst Green Brightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
Hurst Green: 40,41,42Brightlingsea Collection unchanged (Black sacks)Weekly
Hyacinth CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly
Hythe CloseClacton On SeaWheelie binsFortnightly 
Hythe GroveBrightlingsea Wheelie binsFortnightly 
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