Garden waste and composting

There are a number of ways to deal with garden waste.

Household garden waste collection service

Garden waste collection serviceAvailable to all residents in the Tendring District.

Service details

  • £25 one-off joining fee, including the provision of a brown wheeled bin.
  • £50 yearly subscription fee which provides 25 fortnightly collections a year (suspended over Christmas).

For full details on this service please go to our Garden Waste Service Information page

Garden Waste Collection Calendar 2018-2019

Recycling Centre

You can take your garden waste to your nearest Recycling Centre for Household Waste from where it will be sent for composting.

Compost at home

Compost your garden waste at home. Composting turns your green garden waste, such as grass and leaves, and uncooked vegetable and fruit waste, such as fruit cores and vegetable peelings, into an excellent soil conditioner. You can then use your homemade compost on your flower beds to improve nutrient content, help the soil structure and improve drainage.

Food waste caddy informationFood waste

Whilst you can add food waste items such as vegetable peelings and tea bags to your compost bin, other compostable materials such as cooked food leftovers, meat and bones should be put into your food waste caddy and will be collected weekly.  

Further information

Garden Waste RecyclingFor more information on how to make the most of your garden waste, you can visit the websites listed below. - for details on how to order subsidised compost bins, water butts, kitchen composters and wormeries.  - for tips and advice on how to garden and compost safely. - for details on wormeries, green cones and other ways of treating your food waste. - is a local company providing a paid for composting service.

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