Frequently asked questions about rubbish and recycling

Q) Why don’t you collect glass for recycling?

Recycling pointsA) The cost of providing this service currently is too high. We do have sites around the district where you can recycle glass and most houses are within half a mile of a local recycling point – details of their locations can be found on our local recycling points page.

Q) Why do you only accept plastic bottles for recycling and not cartons/yoghurt pots?

A) Whilst most plastic bottles are made from a type of plastic that is in high demand and can be therefore be recycled and turned into new useable products cost effectively, cartons such as yoghurt pots and margarine tubs are not so easy to identify in the sorting process. This makes it harder to find cost effective markets to recycle them at present.

Q) Why can’t we recycle shredded paper?

A) It is not possible to cost effectively recycle the small pieces of shredded paper into a useable product.

Q) Can I have an extra red/green recycling box and/or food waste caddy?

A) See our Boxes and Lids Collection Points page for more information about how to obtain extra boxes or lids

Q) Where can I put clinical waste/needles?

A) For information, please visit our Clinical Waste page.

Q) How can I dispose of leftover materials that I can’t recycle in Tendring?

Black refuse sack informationA) Residents now have to purchase their own black sacks.  You can purchase them from our Town Hall and Weeley office for £2.34 per roll (26 sacks) or from your nearest supermarket or appropriate shop.

Q) What can I do if I am elderly or disabled and cannot put my recycling boxes at my property boundary?

A) If you are unable to place your recycling containers at the edge of your property boundary, it is possible to arrange an assisted collection. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can collect your materials from a location that is convenient for you.

Q) What can I do if my recycling or refuse hasn’t been collected?

 A) There is no reason for any of your collections to ever be missed. However, if such a situation does arise, you should report it instantly to Veolia Environmental Services via our online Report It form or call them on 01255 431620 on the day collection was due. They will arrange for it to be picked up by the end of the following working day.

Q) Does the council collect bulky household items?

A) Our refuse collection contractors, Veolia, offer a chargeable bulky waste collection service. You can find more details on our bulky waste page

Q) How can I report an incident of fly-tipping?

A) For information on how to help us combat fly-tipping please visit our dedicated fly-tipping page.

Q) I've heard about gull-proof rubbish sacks.  Can I have one?

A) Following successful trials of the bags in Clacton Town Centre seagull proof bags are now available to all residents across Tendring. The bags which are reusable; are made of polypropylene material and can hold two to three black bags inside. They have a rubber weighted base to stop the bags from blowing away once emptied and have a Velcro lid to stop birds and animals from gaining access, along with handles to help carry the bag.  To find out how to use and where to buy these please check our Gull Proof Bags, Food Waste Caddy Liners & Refuse Sacks 2016 page.

Last updated on: 25/10/2018 - 10:04