Authorised Side Waste

Where possible, residents will be receiving a 180L wheeled bin which can hold 3-4 black sacks.  If you are recycling everything you can, you will be able to fit all your waste into your wheeled bin.  We understand there will be a small number of households who produce large quantities of non-recyclable rubbish due to children in nappies, medical needs and larger families.  Authorised additional refuse sacks (also known as authorised side waste) will be available subject to online application.

Please note you will only qualify for authorised side waste if you are recycling everything you can.  Officers will carry out routine inspections to ensure households are fully recycling using kerbside boxes and their food caddy.  If you do not qualify, additional waste can be disposed of at your local tip.

Pet waste is not taken into account when assessing for additional side waste.  This includes all animals such as cats, dogs, horses and chickens.

Last updated on: 23/03/2022 - 16:58