Duty Planning Officer

Appointments with a Duty Planning Officer are available from Monday to Thursday in the following ways:

At the Council Offices in Weeley from 9.30am to 12.30pm


Via telephone from 1pm to 4pm

Please telephone the Planning Reception team on 01255 686161 to arrange your appointment.

Our Duty Planning Officer is here to discuss general planning matters such as:-

  • whether planning permission is required for a proposal
  • help with filling in application forms
  • explaining application drawings for current applications
  • to guide you through the planning application process
  • to discuss the relevant planning policies or constraints (such as being in a Conservation Area or Flood Zone) affecting a proposal or site

You can bring photographs or draft plans of your proposal for discussion however please note the views of outside consultees such as the Highway Authority or Environment Agency will not be sought and you would need to submit a pre-application enquiry to obtain these views.

The Duty Planner may not be able to provide detailed answers to questions relating to current enforcement investigations or current planning applications.  These may need to be referred to the case officers for the particular cases.


Please note that any advice provided by the Council’s Officers is an informal opinion only and is made without prejudice to any formal determination which may be given in the event of an application being submitted. In particular, it will not constitute a formal response or decision of the Council with regard to any future planning applications, which will be subject to wider consultation and publicity. Although the Case Officer may indicate the likely outcome of a subsequent planning application, no guarantees can or will be give about the decision.

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