Do I need planning permission? Advice about permitted development rights

What are permitted development rights?

You can make certain types of minor changes to your house without needing to apply for planning permission. These are called "permitted development rights". They derive from a general planning permission granted not by the Council but by Parliament.

Click here to view interactive householder guidance on permitted development rights for householders

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Circumstances where permitted development rights are restricted or removed

Permitted development rights which apply to many common projects for houses do not apply to flats, maisonettes or other buildings.

In some areas, known generally as 'designated areas', permitted development rights are more restricted. If you live in a Conservation Area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, you will need to apply for planning permission for certain types of work which do not need an application in other areas (refer to the Local Plan to see if your property is located within one of these areas). There are also different requirements if the property is a listed building (click here to search if your property is listed).

In some areas, permitted development rights may have been withdrawn using an ‘Article 4 Direction’. This will mean that you have to submit a planning application for work which normally does not need one. Please click here for more information about Article 4 Directions.

In some instances, there may be a planning condition that also restricts permitted development rights. This is typical for more modern housing estates.

Houses created through permitted development rights to change use from shops, financial and professional services premises or agricultural buildings cannot use householder permitted development rights to improve, alter or extend homes: planning permission is required.

Please click here if you want clarification whether planning permission is needed, or not, for a specific proposal or want advice as to whether a proposal is likely to be supported by the Council before submitting a planning application.

Last updated on: 11/01/2023 - 15:21