Strategic Flood Risk Assessments (SFRA)

Jaywick Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) 2015 Update Report

This Jaywick Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) 2015 Update report is prepared to replace the document “Jaywick Strategic Flood Risk Study Final Report, May 2008”. This report updates work that was included in the previous SFRA and provides appropriate supporting evidence for the Tendring District Council’s Local Plan.

Since the previous SFRA there have been a number of changes to the planning guidance and new legislation that includes the Localism Act (2011). Planning policy is now defined in March 2012 National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which should be used in conjunction with the Planning Practice Guidance (March 2014).

In addition, the provisions of the Flood and Water Management Act (2010) have been substantially commenced under a programme that was initiated by Defra in April 2010. Also the Flood Risk Regulations came into force in December 2009 (these regulations transposed the EU ‘Floods Directive’ into UK law).

The purpose of this SFRA update is to:

• provide information that reflects the changes to planning, policy and guidance since the previous SFRA;
• provide a detailed assessment of the flood hazard within the Flood Zones;
• provide information on existing defences and flood risk management measures;
• allow a sequential approach to site allocation to be undertaken within a flood zone;
• allow development of the policies and practices required to ensure that development in Flood Zones 2 and 3 satisfies the requirements of the Exception Test; and
• to examine how existing flood risk could change relative to each time epoch of the South Suffolk and Essex Shoreline Management Plan (SMP)

Jaywick Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Update 2015

Appendix A - Flood Outlines

Appendix A.1

Appendix A.2

Appendix B - Hazard Mapping

Appendix B.1

Appendix B.2

Appendix B.3

Appendix B.4

Appendix B.5

Appendix B.6

Appendix B.7

Appendix B.8

Appendix B.9

Appendix B.10

Appendix B.11

Appendix B.12

Appendix B.13

Appendix B.14

Appendix B.15

Appendix B.16

Appendix B.17

Appendix C - Depth Mapping

Appendix C.1

Appendix C.2

Appendix C.3

Appendix C.4

Appendix C.5

Appendix C.6

Appendix C.7

Appendix C.8

Appendix C.9

Appendix C.10

Appendix C.11

Appendix C.12

Appendix C.13

Appendix C.14

Appendix C.15

Appendix C.16

Appendix C.17

Appendix D - Flood Duration

Appendix D.1

Appendix E - Time to Inundation

Appendix E.1

Appendix E.2

Appendix E.3

Appendix E.4

Appendix E.5

Appendix E.6

Appendix E.7

Appendix E.8

Appendix E.9

Appendix F - Surface Water Risk

Appendix F.1

Appendix G - Groundwater Risk

Appendix G.1

Appendix H - Flood Hazard Information

Appendix H.1

Appendix I - Individual Site Assessments

Appendix I.1

Appendix J - Technical Summary

Appendix J.1

Appendix K - Flood Warning Coverage

Appendix K.1

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) 2009

Main Document (2009)

Appendix A 

Flood History for the Tendring District

Appendix C

Suds analysis

Appendix D 

Breach Maps

Appendix E

Ardleigh Reservoir

TDC Summary of 157 sites Final Report

TDC Summary Sheets Final Report

Appendix E3

Harwich SFRA Summary

Jaywick SFRS Summary

Fluvial Tidal maps

Surface Water Maps

Appendix F

2008s3779 - Tendring DC SFRA FINAL TuFLOW model check file



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