Core strategy consultation - 2010

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Following careful consideration of the comments received in response to the Issues and Possible Options consultation, we prepared a ‘Core Strategy and Development Policies Document’ containing ‘broad-brush’ proposals for the distribution of new development in the district for the period up to 2031 along with a set of new planning policies. The intention at that time was that the Core Strategy document would form the first part of a 'Local Development Framework' (LDF) with more detailed policies and site-specific proposals to follow, in a separate document, at a later stage.

The Core Strategy document was published in October 2010 and a further round of public consultation, including exhibitions and workshops was undertaken. At this stage, interested parties were invited to object to policies and proposals in the document and explain why, in their view, the plan would fail to pass the government’s ‘tests of soundness’. We received just over 1,400 individual comments in objection to this document.

click here to view the 2010 Core Strategy and Development Policies Document and here to view a report on the findings of the consultation.

The following papers and documents were published in support of the Core Strategy:

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