Monitoring development

Monitoring development trends and the type and amount of development that has taken place is essential for local councils to gauge what is happening now and use this information to help plan for the future. Monitoring has become an increasingly important aspect of evidence-based plan-making and helps local councils to better understand the local area and how local policies affect what actually takes place on the ground. 

In March 2011 the Government wrote to all councils announcing changes to the way local councils monitor new development. Local councils still have a duty to monitor but will no longer be required to formally submit an annual report to the Government, leaving councils free to decide what to monitor and how best to share this information with the local community.

Letter to Chief Planning Officers: Preparation and Monitoring of Local Plans

This has provided an opportunity for the Council to review what it currently monitors and decide how best to present this information, making best use of Council resources and best practice. Until the Council introduces its new Local Plan, the Council will continue to keep track of the number of new houses being built in the district and publish this on a yearly basis.

Please click here to view our Authorities Monitoring Report (for the period 1 April 2015 - 31 March 2016).


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