High Hedges


High Hedges legislation came into force on 1 June 2005. Part 8 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act created new procedures which enable us to deal with complaints from you about evergreen high hedges.

When can you complain?

Where negotiation between the parties concerned has failed, a complaint can be made to the council who will assess the case, acting as an independent and impartial third party. If you believe that a neighbour's hedge can be seen to be a nuisance to you then you may be able to complain to the Council under the new legislation.

High Hedges: complaining to the Council is a leaflet produced by the DCLG that will help you decide whether to complain to the council about a nuisance hedge.


If you feel that you have a valid case and would like to make a complaint, please note that there is a fee payable (currently £495), for the service and this must be submitted with your complaint.

How to make a complaint

Simply complete this form to submit a High Hedges Complaint.

High Hedges Complaint Form
Guidance Notes for Completing the Complaint Form

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