Enforcement Priorities

Priority 1 - first inspection within 2 working days from receipt
(performance standard - 95%).

  • Unauthorised works to a listed building.
  • Unauthorised works to a protected tree.
  • Unauthorised demolition or partial demolition of a building which it is considered essential to retain.
  • Unauthorised development which has been undetected and where the time limit for enforcement action will expire within the following six months.
  • Use of land causing serious harm to the locality or the natural environment

Priority 2 - first inspection within 5 working days of receipt
(performance standard - 93%).

  • Any unauthorised development or non-compliance with a planning agreement, which is causing immediate and irremediable harm in the locality.
  • Unauthorised development in the Dedham Vale AONB or Conservation Area.

Priority 3 - first inspection within 8 working days of receipt (performance standard - 90%).

  • Display of illegal advertisements.
  • All other complaints relating to unauthorised development not falling in any of the above categories
  • Untidy Land


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