Local Authority Partnership Scheme

If your company makes several applications each year to many different Local Authorities, it is possible to enter into a voluntary partnership with a TDC Building Control Officer who will check your application for compliance with the Building Regulations no matter what part of the country the works are taking place.

With a Building Control Surveyor dedicated to your team every time, you can guarantee certainty and consistency across all aspects of design including pre-application advice, plans examination and all the necessary consultations, including the Fire Service.

For companies that build or design nationwide, partnering can help to simplify and speed up the approval process.

When the works commence, site inspections will be carried out by the Local Building Control Authority in close liaison with TDC Building Control.

The following are some of the benefits of the scheme:-

  • Submitting your applications through the same Building Control Team wherever the projects are to be built in England or Wales.
  • Obtaining a consistent approach to your designs.
  • Projects will be inspected by local Building Control Surveyors who will know the location and possibly your building or site.
  • No additional charge for this extra service.

This service has proved itself to be an advantage for both partner companies and local authorities. If you wish to know more about the scheme, please contact us for further information.


Last updated on: 04/09/2014 - 13:15